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Thinking Blogger Award

Posted by cotojo on August 16, 2007

Zubli Zubli Zainordin is one of those great bloggers who is everywhere. We met on MyBlogLog and formed a wonderful friendship as most of us do.

Many of you will know him through his blogs and co-authorship of Blogging Den.

Zubli, in his infinite wisdom, has awarded me with the Thinking Blogger Award, which has left me speechless with this award and for his thoughtfulness and kindness.

Zubli goes on to say, and I quote;

We are in Synchronicity, but finding chances and opportunities to be Connected and in Interactions, and more we can do together…

There are more from Cotojo at his other blogs.

In honoring Cotojo as a sincere sharing blogger, acknowledging his superb blogs containing vital and valuable information, and appreciating his informative blogging of excellent posts, I hereby present him…

Thinking Blogger Award

Zubli my friend, many thanks for thinking of me and honouring me with this award.

10 Responses to “Thinking Blogger Award”

  1. cotojo said

    Kim – Thank you for your comment. I’m not sure about deserving it, and it came as quite a surprise :o)

  2. cotojo said

    Christina – Thank you so much for your comment :o) Have sorted Blogroll out, not sure what happened to links there, but it all back now :o)

  3. laketrees said

    Congratulations Colin !!!!!
    so well deserved too 🙂 🙂

  4. Very cool beans Colin right on!

  5. cotojo said

    Sandy – Thank you so much :o)

  6. Good for you!

  7. cotojo said

    Lisa – Thank you so much, it really is a great honour for me and I feel so humble.

  8. cotojo said

    BeachBum – Thank you so much for your comment, Zubli is one of the many wonderful people that make the blogosphere what it is.


  9. Sophiagurl said

    hey congratulations Colin, you deserve this award.=) and all your other blogs for that matter.

  10. BeachBum said

    Congrats on the award. I have messaged Zubli a few times on MyBlogLog and know of his work.


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