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Care For Your Eyes With Pinholes

Posted by cotojo on July 24, 2008

Did you know that many computer users have to wear eyeglasses to correct their vision, as sitting in front of the screen causes the eye muscles to weaken over time.

The brain causes the eye to move the focus to increase contrast levels to sharpen images and text, but if it cannot do this the because of muscle weakness within the eye then then text and images remain blurred. This often leads to sore eyes, headaches and tension.

So many users have to resort to using eyeglasses to correct this. Now, there is a way to improve your vision without using prescription eyeglasses or reading glasses that can be purchased in many places. By wearing pinhole glasses, which look like sunglasses, you can improve your overall vision whether you are computing, reading, watching TV.

Pinhole glasses are usually made with normal frames and high quality opaque screens containing lots of small holes which are precision made with laser technology. The advantage of pinholes is that they help to retrain the eye muscles.

Pinhole eyeglasses offer a good solution to this problem as each perforation allows only a very narrow beam of light to enter the eye which increases the depth of field of vision, reduces glare and also reduces the focusing effort required by the eye. You can test this theory yourself by simply clenching your fist, leaving just a small hole through your fingers, hold your fist close to your eye and look through the hole at your monitor without using eyeglasses and see the difference.

Now imagine having the same clarity without normal correction glasses, which encourages laziness in the eye muscles and in time requires stronger lenses to maintain sharp vision.

Another advantage of pinhole glasses is that you do not need to replace them with anything stronger, if they get scratched it does not affect them and they are a much cheaper solution in the long term.

They are perfect for people who suffer from near sight, far sight, eye strain / headaches or computer stress. By reducing glare from the sides and above the eye is focused on looking through the pinholes which relaxes the eye muscles. This is something that would be beneficial to many computer users, even if they do not wear corrective lenses.

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