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EU President, G8, Global Warming…..

Posted by cotojo on June 25, 2007

The clamour for a referendum on the new EU Treaty is growing, despite both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown flatly dismissing the prospect.

The Prime Minister emerged from marathon negotiations in Brussels to herald an agreement that would end years of wrangling over Europe’s institutional arrangements.

He insisted all four of Britain’s “red lines” – against giving up control over human and social rights, foreign policy and tax and benefits – had been maintained.

“The truth is we have been arguing now for many years about these institutional questions.  This deal gives us a chance to move on,” Mr Blair said. “It gives us a chance to concentrate on the issues to do with the economy, organised crime, terrorism, immigration, defence, climate change, the environment, energy, the problems that really concern citizens of Europe.”

The EU is to get its own President and diplomatic service, and for the first time the block of 27 nations will have the legal status to sign treaties in its own right.

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague said it was clear that the deal “repackaged” large parts of the EU Constitution – which was ditched after the French and Dutch voted it down in referenda in 2005.

“Given their manifesto commitment to a referendum on the EU Constitution, the Government have absolutely no democratic mandate to introduce these major changes without letting the British people have the final decision in a referendum,” Mr Hague said.

UK Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage, levelled accusations of “stealth and deceit” against Mr Blair.

“The real achievement of this summit – and Tony Blair’s helped in this – is that the European Union itself has taken a significant step forward to becoming the global superpower that it always sought to be,” he said.

Former SDP leader and Labour foreign secretary Lord Owen also backed a public vote, insisting: “These issues that the prime minister’s been discussing over the midnight hours in Brussels are deep constitutional questions and to pretend otherwise is absurd.”

What this means is that in 2009 Europe will have it’s own ‘President’.  We are being rail-roaded into a United States of Europe with no say on the matter at all.

Now am I missing something here?  I always thought, and believed, that in  a ‘Democracy’ you had the right to choose.  It seems to me that we no longer have the right to Democracy and the actions of out leaders are the actions of Dictators, as they are deciding what is best for us whether we like it or not.

Since when did these political buffoons have the right bestowed upon them by the electorate to justify their own aspirations? 

The majority of EU residents thought that the EU was a fine idea as a place to trade goods in a common market place with fewer barriers, but this has escalated into an out of control monstrosity with more pen pushers joining the gravy train to line their own pockets at the expense of the working classes.

As with the G8 meeting, which called for us to become ‘greener’ and more efficient in recycling our household waste, less car use etc.  Now does anyone really believe that these muppets arrived at the G8 and Euro-Leaders Summits by green, environmentally friendly methods?  I don’t recall seeing them on their bicycles, or using a fleet of yachts to attend. 

No, they use their own private jets and vehicles that do gallons to the mile rather than miles to the gallon, which of course are much more friendly to the environment because they are using them and we are paying for them!

So in a nutshell, Global Warming is all OUR fault, because we use our cars and we purchase goods in shops which invariably are wrapped in plastic and cardboard.  The politicians buy the very same things packaged in the same fashion, but apparently theirs is much friendlier to the environment.

Remember the enormous hole in the ozone layer? Of course you do, but do you remember the pictures taken by NASA and statistics taken by many scientists showing that it was getting smaller and in fact repairing itself…..but how quick they were to hush that gem up.

Take into consideration the effect that solar flares have upon our weather patterns…oh sorry, we’re not supposed to know about them are we.  And what about Mother Nature doing what she has done for countless centuries? 

Nature plays a large part in global warming, solar flares for one, a volcanic eruption also contributes as the minute dust and debris particles circumnavigate the global airways for several years.

Ok so sea levels are rising, look back a few hundred years when the levels were higher than what they are at the present, then they dropped…….now they are rising back to their normal levels!

Everyone should know by now that the only thing any politician is good at is lying and fabricating the truth to fool you into believing it is all YOUR fault.  When are these muppets going to lead by example?  Don’t hold your breath for it will never happen…’s the same old story: ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say.’

Absolute balderdash and poppycock.

 In 1997, Blair acknowledged the people who had put his party in power and promised not to be complacent, “We are not the master now. The people are the masters. We are the servants of the people. We will never forget that.”  I think I must have been sleeping for the past decade, as I appear to have missed something here too! 

Now if you want a good read on Global Warming then go to the following link written by Benj Arriola. it has many very interesting points. 

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