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Make A Wish Meme

Posted by cotojo on March 25, 2008

My wonderful friend Tammy from Moms Knows Everything inflicted me with this meme (I must have been bad again) and under threat of torture that you just would not believe, I thought I had better get it done!

The “Make A Wish” Meme

Here are the rules:

1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.
2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic above.
3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture:

Here’s my wish:

Make A Wish
“I wish for an end to greed, hunger, war and destruction, that mankind can cohabit peacefully in one world”.  ps: and a new computer for Tammy….she has sooooo many problems with hers, so come on everyone, check out her blog 🙂

I would like to know your wishes Lena, Max, MiltonKylee, Joy and Maryt.

As always, participation is your choice and anyone else who would like to join in please leave a comment 😀

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