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Missing Maddie – Parents Torment Deepens

Posted by cotojo on August 15, 2007

The torment deepened for the parents of missing Madeleine McCann yesterday — when it was reported in the Portugese press that police believed their daughter was dead and her body then dumped at sea, after her body was bundled into a sack weighed down with stones.


Maddie has now been missing for 104 days, and in recent weeks the Portugese press have started to turn against the McCann’s pointing the finger at them and accusing them of involvement in their daughters disappearance. 

The McCann’s have strongly denied this and the police have also stated that they are not treating them as suspects. They have questioned the family and friends who were there at the time, and ruled them out of any foul play.

Gerry and Kate McCann

The latest reports follow the tiny specks of blood found by British sniffer dogs, and reports that the police had consulted João Alveirinho Dias, professor at the University of the Algarve and specialist in Oceanography, to examine where local tides may have taken Maddies’s body.

There is still no news on the results of DNA samples taken from the holiday apartment where Maddie was taken from.

The lawyer for Robert Murat, the only suspect in this case at present, last week also launched a scathing attack saying “These bloody McCanns should just go away and leave this town.” 


The McCann’s are adamant that they will not leave until their daughter is found and will continue keeping the high-profile of this case going.

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2 Responses to “Missing Maddie – Parents Torment Deepens”

  1. cotojo said

    Brenda – Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment. In time the many questions will be answered I am sure.

  2. I am so sorry – this is an unimaginable horror for you, and life will never be the same. Gradually, after months and years, it will go on, and most people are highly supportive. To those that say it was maybe somehow your fault, I say the opposite. I am the mother of children, and I know how we bring them up on average. Few among us are any fifferent tot you, most are worse.
    Perhaps others have her, and her life will be just fine; being so young this year/past years may not be a memory in. It will have made her different, but she’s not going to know that, and may well be just fine. I know this is cold comfort. Those out there wanting children so much that they are prepared to pay for them, high sums, do not necessarily mistreat them, and it can be the opposite. Money can buy the paperwork, and maybe this is going to be her story.

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