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Missing Maddie – Latest News Case Shelved July 21,2008

Posted by cotojo on July 21, 2008

Portuguese authorities today have shelved the investigation into missing Madeleine McCann after almost 15 months since Maddie disappeared. They have said that they found no evidence that any of the suspects in the case had committed any crime or were involved in Maddies disappearance.

This now means that Gerry McCann, Kate McCann and Robert Murat are no longer arguidos – official suspects – in the case having now been formally cleared.

The McCann’s have been informed of the statement made by Portugal’s attorney-general, Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro but have made no comment at this moment in time, but it will certainly be a relief for them to no longer be official suspects in their daughter disappearance.

Should any new evidence come to light the investigation could be re-opened.

The disgraced former head of the investigation, Goncalo Amaral, has written a book about the investigation, ‘True Lies’ which is due to be published this week and is promising “explosive revelations” about the inquiry. It is reported that it contains allegations that Madeleine died accidentally in her parents’ care and that they disposed of her body to cover up the death.

Mr Amaral, made the decision to name the McCanns as official suspects in their daughter’s disappearance, and he was also widely criticised for focusing on the parents and not potential leads in the investigation.

He maintained his belief that Madeleine died in their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3 last year. It was also rumoured that many of the leaks and smears to the media came from Mr Amaral and they stopped when he was sacked from the investigation last October. Mr Amaral took early retirement last month, but is also facing a perjury trial over an unrelated case,

The McCanns’ legal team expect the book to amount to pure speculation, and have said that they are more interested in being given access to the police files

The decision to close the case could also lead to the strict secrecy laws being lifted and would also open the files to public scrutiny as well as allowing Mr Amaral to publish his book.

No matter what happens, there is still a young girl missing, and the speculation as to whether she was abducted or murdered will undoubtedly continue.

This has been a very sad case and very drawn out, but the McCanns’ legal teams and investigators will continue the search for missing Maddie.

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Missing Maddie – Investigation To Stop? Update July 1, 2008

Posted by cotojo on July 1, 2008

There are reports in the Portuguese media today that the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is to be dropped. These reports have not been confirmed by the Portuguese authorities.

It is has been stated in the media that the inquiry would stop because the Policia Judiciaria report on the investigation is only ‘descriptive of the facts’ meaning that it has not reached any conclusion as to whether they were investigating an abduction, murder or concealment of a body. Other sources have said that the case would remain open without further investigation unless new evidence was found.

The final report is expected to go to the Ministerio Publico in Portimao in the next few days for a decision to be made.

It is also not certain that Kate McCann, Gerry McCann or Robert Murat will have their arguido (formal suspect) status lifted.

A spokesman for the McCann’s has said that at present they would not give any views until such time as they are told that the case has been officially dropped.

They would also like access to the files held by the PJ for their own investigators to continue their own lines of inquiry in the search for missing Maddie. The McCann’s have applied to the Family Division of the High Court for access to police files on the various reported sightings.

The judge, Mrs, Justice Hogg will decide whether the case and judgement will be made in public or not on July 7. British police have kept to their agreement with their Portuguese counterparts not to disclose any information regarding the investigations and interviews that have been carried out.

Madeleine McCann went missing from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, but secrecy laws in Portugal led to much speculation by the media, most of which was pure speculation and not based on fact or evidence.

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Missing Maddie – Latest News 20th January

Posted by cotojo on January 20, 2008

Police files on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are likely to remain secret for another three months, according to the spokesman for the girl’s parents. Lawyers for official suspect Robert Murat are seeking to have the files opened up because it is now eight months since he was named as an “arguido”.

But on Friday, Portuguese detectives asked for the case’s secrecy limit to be extended beyond the usual eight-month limit that starts once police have identified a formal suspect.

A spokesman for Kate and Gerry McCann, said the couple expected authorities to agree to the extension. He went on to say that they are working on the basis that there will be another three months of official secrecy.

Portuguese law prevents the McCanns from speaking about police investigations into the disappearance of their daughter.

Madeleine vanished from the family’s holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz on May 3.

Robert Murat, a British man who lives near the apartment from which Madeleine disappeared, has denied any involvement in the case. Asked whether his client would be cleared of his status as a formal suspect, his lawyer said that he didn’t know anything, but would like the arguido status to be lifted.

On Sunday 13th January, a five-year-old girl went missing from Huelva, on the Spanish border, 120 miles from where Maddie disappeared.

Mari Luz Cortes’s family believe she was kidnapped outside her home in Huelva, 25 miles from the border with Portugal. Mari was last seen at a sweet stall 100 yards from her home on Sunday afternoon after going to buy a packet of crisps from a local shop. Her family, who raised the alarm after searching for her themselves when she failed to return, are said to fear she has been abducted.

Officers have been scouring the area for the girl, and Portuguese police have also been carrying out searches on their side of the border.

The McCanns’ spokesman has said there were ‘comparisons’ that could be made, but also said that it was too early to say if the two cases were linked. He added that detective agency Metodo 3 are working very closely with the Spanish police in the first instance, and with the family to establish whether there are any links or similarities

Meanwhile, investigators in Portuguese are planning to re-interview friends of the McCanns. The friends were on holiday with the McCann family in Praia da Luz when Maddie vanished. They are key witnesses in the case and reports claim Portuguese detectives are prepared to fly to the UK to sit in on fresh questioning of them by British police.

Portuguese authorities are also seeking the assistance of a Europe-wide body in securing the help of the authorities in Britain. The Portuguese public prosecutor contacted Eurojust – the judicial co-operation agency – at the beginning of January. A spokesman for Eurojust has confirmed that they have been asked to be the go-between for the Portuguese and the UK authorities, but will not be releasing any details.

A new sketch of the man who could be behind the abduction of Madeleine McCann has been revealed. A police artist drew the likeness after a Sunday tabloid tracked down a holidaymaker, Gail Cooper, who reported seeing a ‘creepy man’ hanging around the apartments in Praia da Luz, Portugal, prior to the abduction on May 3 last year, and it has also been revealed that a 12-year-old girl, has come forward to back up her story.

The photofit shows a man with long hair, bushy eyebrows and a moustache.

Artists Impression of Suspect

A friend of the McCanns – Jane Tanner – who gave a description to police of someone she spotted carrying a child from the Algarve resort on the night Madeleine vanished – told the paper the new picture resembled the man she saw.

The McCanns’ spokesman has said that the image had been passed to police and the family believe the picture could be an important breakthrough in the hunt for Madeleine.

Portuguese police have known about Gail Cooper’s description since May, but it has only now been made public after the McCann’s own investigators began to re-interview witnesses.

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Missing Maddie – Latest News November 27th

Posted by cotojo on November 27, 2007

It is now 207 days since Madeleine McCann went missing.  
A tourist Isabel Gonzalez, claimed she saw Robert Murat’s girlfriend Michaela Walczuch and Madeleine in the remote town of Zaio, northern Morocco on June 15.
The claim was made made after recognising Michaela Walczuch, 34, on the TV news.  Metodo 3, the detective agency hired by Kate and Gerry McCann is investigating the claim and has said it picked up a ‘trail’ at the beginning of last month, and believe that Madeleine was snatched to order and is now in Morocco. 
Missing Maddie
The twist came as it emerged four-year-old Madeleine may have been handed by her kidnapper to a paedophile gang.
A Portuguese trucker also claims to have seen Maddie being passed over on May 5, two days after she vanished.   Detectives believe she was then smuggled to North Africa.
Private detectives had a call two weeks ago from the trucker who thought he saw Madeleine in Silves.  When he was shown photographs, he is reported to have told the detectives that the woman looked like Walczuch.
Ex-pat Murat, 34, remains an official suspect.  Detectives are investigating him, Walczuch and her estranged husband Luis Antonio –  who works as a pool cleaner with access to the complex in which Madeleine was staying.
Michaela Walczuch claims she was at a Jehovah’s Witness meeting four miles away when Maddie was abducted.  However,  church elder Brother Teofilo Castela said that she was thrown out of the church more than a year ago and no longer attends.
Another witness, who did not want to be named, also claimed she had not seen Walczuch all year. Portuguese detectives are probing claims that ex-pat Murat and Walczuch, both 34, were involved in Madeleine’s abduction.
Meanwhile,  Attorney General Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro claimed that Madeleine was almost certainly killed by any kidnapper because of the intense publicity drive generated.
Portugal’s most senior police officer, Alipio Ribeiro, admitted last week that they do not have any solution at present, but lines of inquiry are being pursued.
A massive review of the case under the leadership of Paulo Rebelo.   He ordered a complete reconstuction of events on the night that Maddie disappeared and they are thought to be considering the possibility that she may have been killed by a mystery man seen running from the holiday flat with a child in a blanket.

Praia da Luz

If this is the case, this would be a complete u-turn on all previous claims and clear the parents of any complicity in the disappearance of their daughter and the disposal of her body. 
It has been reported that this theory is gaining strength and although there are still further DNA test results to come, they do not believe that they will yield any useful information.
McCann Family
It must be stressed that the McCann’s and Metodo 3 believe that Madeleine is still alive, and although the detective agency is not allowed to operate in Portugal, it is consistently returning to Morocco.






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Missing Maddie – Parents Prepare to Return to UK

Posted by cotojo on September 3, 2007

The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have said that they will sue a Portugese newspaper for publishing a claim that she died after they accidentally gave her too many sedatives. 

Missing Maddie

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa has also confirmed that Kate and Gerry McCann are not suspects and has no idea where the press got its information. 

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa

Maddie’s father has also made a plea to the abductor to return their daughter saying that it wasn’t too late to do the right thing.  The plea was made as the family started to make preparations to return home to the UK without their daughter. They feel that they must now make life as normal as possible for their 2 year old twins, Sean and Amelie. 

Gerry and Kate with twins

The school that Maddie should have started classes at last week has kept a desk ready in the hope that she will be there one day to attend.  They have also kept a coat peg and locker to one side for her.  Pupils at the school said a prayer for her safe return and a candle is kept burning there for her. 

French police have been searching a campsite in the Loire Valley after reports of a girl matching Maddie’s description was spotted near Tours. 

Police were called after a man arrived at the site with three children after booking for only two.  It is believed that the man drove away after the alarm was raised.

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