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A Best Friend Award – Twice

Posted by cotojo on December 17, 2007

Best Friends AwardMy dearest friend Maunie from Maunie James and my dear friend Sandy G from At Your Service have both honored my humble blog with this beautiful Best Friends Award.

Now, being who I am I am going to do something completely out of character…as if LOL.

I have recently been given the honor by Gracie Belle of co-authoring on the Blue Ribbon Bloggers, so I am going to pass this award on to all of my fellow co-authors, many of whom I know and those I don’t I am sure I will soon get to know 🙂

They are:

**Ann – Admin  **Jeane Michelle – Admin  **Jos – Admin  *Anndi  *Beth Allen  *Bob  *Bond  *Bud  *Carol  *Chesca  *Christy  *Deborah  *Dixie  *Drew  *Elizabeth  *EmmyRose  *Ev Nucci  *Gale Martin  *Georganna  *Graciel  *Janice  *Joey  *Judy  *Karl/Frogster  *Kathleen  *Kimberly  *Lady Rose  *Lillie Ammann  *Linda  *Lynda  *Mark  *Maunie James  *Meghan  *Michelle Dyer  *Mimi Lenox  *Nihal  *Pendullum  *Polliwog  *Sam Chan  *Santa Claus  *Shinade  *Tish  *Walks Far Woman  Dan  Linda Raven Moore

Am I bad or am I bad, more link love 🙂

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Smile..Tomorrow could be worse!

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