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My First Blogoversary and Free Rice

Posted by cotojo on June 7, 2008

Today is this blogs First Blogoversary, something of a milestone for me. As some of you are aware this is my secondary blog which came about by accident. My primary blog is Free PC Security and this one started a few months later as an afterthought. If it were not for my dear friend Lisa from Life Is Just Around The Corner this blog would not even exist. So my thanks go to her for her valued input.

273 posts, 3792 comments and 310,882 views which has far surpassed my expectations.

My thanks go to each and every one that I have come to know and there are so many of you, but what wonderful people you are too 🙂

Help end world hunger

What I would like you ALL to do is to click the banner above and play a very simple vocabulary game and for each one that you get correct FreeRice donates 20 grains of rice to help end hunger.

FreeRice is run entirely for free and makes no profit but is committed to the cause of ending hunger around the world. It raises money through sponsor banners which appear at the bottom of your screen and the money raised by the site goes to the UN World Food Program to help feed the hungry.

In its first five months FreeRice generated enough rice to feed more than one million people, so no matter how many grains you contribute through playing, each and every grain helps.

So, a simple request for you all to click the banner and spend just a few minutes playing along and watch your donation increase.

Help end world hunger

Thank you all for your valued comments and most of all for your wonderful friendship 🙂

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