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A Personal Request for Santa’s Community Blog

Posted by cotojo on December 21, 2007

As many of you may know Santa of Santa’s Community has been having a few problems with his computer being attacked by viruses and other issues which has meant that he has lost a great deal of information. 
This is a request for ALL members to please rejoin Santa’s Community blog and also add it to your technorati favorites. 
Santa's Community Blog
Many members have found that they have a blog called ‘Calculated Risk’ in their Blog Communities or blogs that they Author or Co-Author.
It is also requested that any members who find that they are ‘authors’ of this blog use their authority and click on it, to the right of the blog snapshot use the ‘Message Members’ function to get this message out to ALL members asking them to leave that community and rejoin Santa’s Community Blog.
To remove this what you need to do is go to your MBL page and under the Blogs are 3 buttons – View Site Stats – Get Widgets – Edit Settings.
Click on Edit Settings scroll down and on right of page you will find ‘Remove Site / Blog from My Profile’….click on Remove Site/Blog* Button and confirm….that’s it all nice and easy.
Then please rejoin Santa’s Community Blog which has now been reset.

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