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Promoting The Community Spirit

Posted by cotojo on October 20, 2007

Mighty Morgan who authors The Process of a Miracle has tagged me with this very worthwhile tag which she got from Bobby from which asks that we participate in The Blogging For Friendship Writing Project, which as he says is ‘a project to promote our community’.

“The rules are simple. Write a post promoting goodness and friendship in the blogosphere. If some of you have any ideas on how or why Google should be boycotted, by all means, please do so. Keep in mind this isn’t about hating Google, it’s about solutions and friendships.”

So why are bloggers different?  We come from a very diverse range of backgrounds, races, religions and much more.  Where else can you find such a large group of like minded people?  We create strong friendships, bonds that would not exist if we didn’t blog.

We cross barriers as they are invisible to us, we reach out and touch one another through our own postings and commenting on others.

I have several blogs, this was my second which came about by accident really.  When I first started blogging it was ‘techy‘ stuff on my Free PC Security blog.  One of the first bloggers I came across was Lisa from Life is Just Around the Corner.  I found her blog fascinating and would comment accordingly. 

One day she asked that her readers write a post about ‘Blessings‘, which I did and one remark I got was that my blog was all ‘techy stuff’ so I created this blog, simply called Life, as I had no idea what to call it at the time.

I started to write about all sorts of things, events, humor, missing Madeleine McCann, local views where I live, recipes (more to come) and anything else that I felt like.  It was just to show that I was not just another ‘techy’, that I had a human side too.

It was probably one of my wiser decisions, as I have wonderful readers and have met so many superb bloggers throughout the world, all who have been very positive and supportive.

Lisa is a great friend, and writes wonderful posts about her life and family, you really should go and check it out for yourselves. 

There are just so many bloggers that I have come to know, and it has enriched my life coming into the blogosphere.

As I have said before, I have several blogs, many are similar to my PC Security blog but on different platforms, as I learnt that I gained different readers by doing it this way. 

Google is something that I haven’t strived to get aboard, yet this blog has no ranking and my Free PC Security has a PR5.   I don’t carry advertising, whether it be google ads, text ads or whatever. 

I decided when I started my first blog that it would always be a source of FREE information and I maintain that.  I get comments with links to paid security links which I remove, my blog isn’t about that!!!

Generally, google does not like blogs.  It does not like multiple links to our friends blogs, it changes it’s algorithms at the drop of a hat.  But should we care?  NO. 

If blogging continues in its present form, then the likes of Google and other search engines are going to have to acknowledge this source of knowledge and power.

As bloggers we share knowledge, help others, promote each other, and do a damn site better than Google gives credit for.  So stuff Google and just keep doing what you love to do……Blog! 

The only way to get good traffic is to build a good rapport with your readers, comment on their posts, don’t ignore anyone and remember that we all have a right to express our own views and opinions.

We Stand As One

Here’s a useful tip: you can avoid using Google Search by using Google Scraper, no cookies, no search-term records and access log deleted within 48 hours. 

Here are just a few of the blogs I lurk around….and there are many more, but not enough hours in the day. 

Bob from Bobbarama Deborah from Climate of our Future Marzi from Mariuca Emila from Emila’s Illustrated blog Adrian from First Time Dad Christy from Christy’s Coffee Break Andrew from Hotel Booking Pro Kim from PurpleFrogCat Zubli from the Book Project Janice from This is a Miracle Sophie from WeWe_WetWet Catherine from A Week in the Life of a Redhead Lynda (ljw) from Lynda’s Loft Surjit from gurushabad Bobby from Revellian JohnC from Homeless Family’s Blog Sandy from At Your Service Kim from Laketrees Jeane Michelle Culp from Nomdeplume the Poetress Judy from SugarQueenDream Gracie Belle theblogfairy from She Walks in Beauty Kuanyin from Blog-Blonde Ev Nucci from My Life is Murphy’s Law Jackie (Shinade) from The Painted Veil Paula from Polliwog’s Pond Lisa from Work at Home Mom Revolution Maartje from Behind the Page Jos from NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection) Tyro Pearl from Interesting Observations  Eric from SpeedCatHollydale Diane (DCA) from Much of a Muchness  Colin from Chronic Pain Lifestyle Lynn from Recipes The Blog Elf from Elf Patrol NAFASG – United And Dedicated Behind You Deborah at FastFastLane  Sandee from Comedy Plus Adria at Incinq Sue from Sueblimely Lisa from Life is Just Around the Corner

Thank you and so many others for making the blogging world what it is……a worldwide community that knows no boundaries.

One day, maybe Google will acknowledge the power that we have, for it is tremendous.

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