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What is in MY Pocket?

Posted by cotojo on December 29, 2007

Eric, who can be found skulking around on a golf course somewhere or over at SpeedCatHollydale, has tagged me with ‘What’s in My Pocket’.

Unlike him, I don’t have enough to fill several large suitcases lol.

Eric wrote: it’s what’s on the inside that counts! is a tag from josey’s silly go lucky . josey does not capitalize (i don’t know why) so i won’t either on this post! the tag is to show your wallet / purse and what is inside. i do not carry a wallet. what is in my pocket is it!!! i carry no credit cards because i just shouldn’t. a com check will fix any problem that arises, and i always purchase with cash.

So….. what is in my pocket? oops, there was a capitalization – he hee!!

So…what’s in my pocket you may well ask….

What's in My Pocket?

As old Speedy has tagged just about everyone I won’t tag anyone with this, but if you want to do it then feel free, just leave a comment and link back please.

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