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What is Love

Posted by cotojo on February 28, 2008

Love is:

Love is acceptance without exceptions

It is boundaries without limitations

It is an exact measure of an imprecise proportion

It is something pure and delicate

It is losing your self inside one another

Without asking questions or questioning who, what and where

It is all these things and nothing else

But a little more of what you have inside to give

It is giving without anticipation of receiving

It is selfless and helpless

It is vulnerable to impartiality

It is safety and security when everything else around is falling apart

It is making time when there is no time

For each other, for yourselves

It is never really being alone

Just always being

It is together

No rules, no gimmicks, it’s sink or swim

Love has its own life that outlives the ones who love

It is undying, destined to outlast even Romeo and Juliet

It is an everlasting love that lives on and on

Creating new life on its own

Love is creation

It is all around

Love is being a care giver

To the one whom cries out in distress

For the love desired

To fill an empty space

Love is all these things

But if you must ask 

Then surely you need to find out for yourself

Because this definition of love is tied to that which defines

What love is

Love Is Us  

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