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Your Privacy is important to me. I hate spam as much as anyone else and neither your email address or any personal information will be passed to any third parties or misused in any way.

If you use the box above your comments will be emailed to me at, but if you wish to leave a comment please use the comment box at the bottom of the page :o)

20 Responses to “Contact Me Here”

  1. cotojo said

    kulaab liam – Many thanks for your visit and comment 🙂
    I will see about adding a few posts about Bonsai’s in the near future, and will visit your blog soon 🙂

  2. hi, i just interested about your topics ; bonsai and recipes. I like bonsai but yet not have much information or nice pictures about it. it’s good if you can share with me. feel free to visit my newborn blog and do leave some comment to improve mine.tq.

  3. cotojo said

    Jim Kroes – Pleased to be of help and also happy to hear that your problems have been solved 🙂
    Thank you for your visit and comment,

  4. Jim Kroes said

    Your info on “Rogue Remover and Anti Malware” has fixed all problems I had – I truly appreciate your help.

    THanks, thanks

    Jim Kroes

  5. Hey Colin, I have not been able to get my outgoing links recognized at Technorati in my last 11 posts (which I did 2 days ago). I know you are a lot more savvy with these kinds of things. Did I do something wrong? I did ping directly to Tech twice.

  6. cotojo said

    Mel – Me doing memes? As if hahaha….
    I’ll drop you a line,
    Have a great day my friend,

  7. powerkis said

    Hi Colin,

    give me your email address, I have a little club going that you might be interested in, seeing that you are a “meme” kind a guy. email me at

  8. cotojo said

    Jay – Just for you I will make an exception LOL
    I must ensure that I do pass on your infoemation to all and sundry – whoever they are – and misuse your information LOL
    Have a great week,

  9. Jay said

    wait, what? “any personal information will be passed to any third parties or misused in any way.” dammit! i already submitted! lol just figured you should know that…


  10. cotojo said

    David – You deserve the award, you have a great blog and wonderful community and interaction 🙂

    Many thanks for your most kind comments.


  11. David said

    Thank you for our award very much appreciated. Love your community and blog. David – The Panther

  12. cotojo said

    Sue – Portugese investigators are searching many areas, nearby beaches, scrubland, roads that were recently dug up and churches to name but a few.

    Many people are adamant that they know where Maddie is, and many also claim to know that she is dead. However, this is for those investigating to discover what has happened to her and her whereabouts.

    If anyone has information it should be passed on to the teams investigating this case.


  13. sue said

    where did you get the information about the portugese police searching a small beach in bugau, is it definate.the reason i ask is because i know someone who is adamant that is where maddie can be found.whether you believe or not she has seen maddie on the cliffs of burgau loads of times.and descibed the area.

  14. cotojo said

    Christina – Replied to BTF message.

    Maybe I should rename this to Q’ & A’ hahaha

    Colin 🙂

  15. hey I sent you a message at BTF site I might attemot the above later you should name this “Q & A with Colin” hehehehe lol C.

  16. cotojo said

    Christina – Copy&Paste the whole thing, change this in first paragraph:

    They found me through Jackie at The Painted Veil. I am so pleased to have been named as a King Genie, to ‘They found me through Colin at Life. I am so pleased to be a Princess Genie’

    It should take all the links with it on copy 🙂


  17. Colin I dont get the genie posty, my headache sint helping either it seems rather com-pi-cated! lol

  18. cotojo said

    Dana – Smiling does help, but it can still be an uphill struggle at times. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and with courage, determination and understanding you can overcome so much 🙂

    Wish you every success.


  19. Soul Dancer said

    Hi Colin:

    Thank you for the comment. I keep trying to smile!! It works eventually. Look forward to continue reading your posts.


  20. Marat said

    I see you have placed the Add This! buttons below each post.

    Could I please ask how you did this? Did you have to buy the CSS code from WordPress?

    I just don’t see where I can insert the code provided by Add This!.



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