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Wow It’s an Awards Fest and My Star Sign and Christmas Cards

Posted by cotojo on December 19, 2007

Bloggers that are Cool and Crazy from Jos of NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)
It’s an Award – and it’s a Sign!
Jos said that he created this award badge:  as a clear signal to the visitors of those blogs that carry it. It is intended to be a sign that says: “this blog is cool & crazy, and the blog owner is not afraid to admit it”.
 He has handed out this first batch of Cool & Crazy awards to those bloggers that he knows are  very proud of their blogs, and who are also cool and crazy:
They are (in alphabetical order):
Brown Baron of Brown Thoughts
Bucky of The West Virginia Blogger
Colin of Life
Dawn of Twisted Sister
Eric of Speedcat Hollydale Page
Jacky of The Painted Veil
Jeane Michelle of Binding Ink
Kim of Laketrees
Kimberly of Purplefrogcat
Kitty of Kitty’s Bloggy Bits
Mark of MeAndMyDrum
Mike of Things By Mike
Sandee of Comedy Plus
Santa of Santa’s Community Blog
Winston of Eat Your Maths!
Thank you so much Jos my friend, for thinking of me and honoring my humble blog with this really Cool Award 🙂


Adrian aka the Genie King from First Time Dad has received many awards recently and has decided to share ALL of them with his blogging friends, isn’t that a wonderful gesture? 

On his site Adrian says: Christmas is a time of giving….and when you give… someone has to receive, right?? Guess what I’ve been so lucky to receive a few awards these past couple of weeks from a few wonderful folks!

From the mysterious Lady Java!!

From pretty Polli of Polliwog’s Pond

From gentle Bokjae and yummy Jean…isn’t this the cutest?!?

From super Sugar Queen’s Dream

From still mysterious Lady Java again… Sweet Ann thinks I’m a little nutty and I think she might be right sometimes LOL

If you already have it or gave it to me, it doesn’t matter because it’s coming from me to you now. I’d like to give these awards to you for your support (take one or two or all if you like…all except the Slobbery kiss award…that’s only for the ladies LOL

In his very kind and thoughtful gesture he has passed these along to the following bloggers:

 A Great Pleasure   A Nice Place in the Sun   Anything Goes!   Aunie Dar’s Life   Brainy Bimbo   Cotojo   Shinade    Monday Morning Power   Sugar Queen’s Dream    Christy’s Coffee Break   Diamonds Saphire   Emila’s Illustrated Blog   Huma B   In Cinq   Journey with Water Learner   Kim Fei’s Blog   Lady Java’s Lounge   Listening..Learning..Living   Mariuca: Wishing on a Falling Star   Maunie James   My Life is Murphys Law   NAFA   NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)
Nessa’s Mumblings   Nihal’s Anything & Everything   Petty Ramblings of a Petty Queen   Room’s of My Heart   Project Heavy Traffic   Random Magus
Speedcat Hollydale Page   Purple Frog   Polliwog’s Pond   Santa’s Community Blog   The Magical Golden Cat   This Is A Miracle   Zubli
Congratulations to all!!
Adrian…Thank you so much for awarding my humble blog with these amazing awards.   I was so looking forward to the Slobbery Kiss Award too, but hey, I’m a man so you really aren’t my type in that department hahahaha….just send one of the ladies over 🙂
Now, for my part I will add that if anyone wants any of these awards then please help yourself and just leave a comment 🙂
Ann from A Nice Place In The Sun gave me a choice of three gifts, Dick Van Elf, Mr Present and Miss Stocking ….I chose Miss Stocking, but unfortunately there was no Miss in the stocking 😦

Miss Stocking

Ann presented Dick Van Elf And Mr. Present to the following:

Christy at Christy’s Coffee Break
Sandee at Comedy Plus
Dawn at Twisted Sister
Marja at Dutchcorner
Aussie at Aussie Cynic
Patois at Whee! All The Way Home
Diamondssaphire at Nonsense, Fun, Tears, Happiness and Anger All Rolled Into One
Polli at Polliwog’s Pond
Whimsy Gal at My Whimsy World
Misty at My Dogs Keep Me Sane
Kim at Purple Frogcat
Michelle at Binding Ink

Ann  then continued to present Miss Stocking and Dick Van Elf to:

Colin at Life
Speedy at Speedcat Hollydale Page
Robert At Observations at The Back 40
Bob at Bobbarama
Dan at dcr blogs
Bud at WTIT Tape Radio Blog
Adrian at First Time Dad
Mel at Monday Morning Power
Jos at NoDirectOn (not:No Direction)
Winston at Eat Your Maths
Santa Claus at Santa’s Community Blog

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

blogger christmas card

From my dear friend Sue at Blogging SueBlimely

From my dear friend Ann at A Nice Place In The Sun who also decided I am a little nutty too

From Jos of NoDirectOn (not:NoDirection) at the Blue Ribbon Bloggers

From my friend Kim At PurpleFrogCat

Best Friends Award from my dearest friend Maunie at MaunieJames

Thank you all so very much for your kindness and generosity

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