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I Am…..

Posted by cotojo on March 25, 2008

I got this tag from Francine of Le bric à brac de CherieShe’s  a  wonderful sweet friend who calls me ‘Big bro’ and I call her ‘Little sis’. Visit her blog, she’s great to know as are all my friends 🙂

Thanks little sis *muah*

Ok, here we go, with my twist in things LOL….it just wouldn’t be me otherwise would it 🙂

I AM… I am? I think, therefore I am? Maybe, and there again, maybe not! Are you confused? Good, and this is only the first question LOL

I WANT…to go to the dark side…..they have cookies 🙂

I HAVE… lost my marbles, I last heard that they were back home in the House of Marbles.

I WISH…all the time but no bugger is taking any notice.

I HATE…to do the ironing, a blow torch works wonders even on the most stubborn of creases.

I FEAR… finding my marbles among those hundreds and thousands of others!

I SEARCH…for my lost and lonely marbles

I WONDER…Wonder what? Why? I don’t know I just wonder why I wonder!

I REGRET… not inflicting myself upon you all sooner 😆

I LOVE…cookies…they have them on the dark side 😀

I ALWAYS…turn memes around with a slightly different perspective LOL

I AM NOT... abnormal….ask my shrink!

I DANCE…like a pole dancer in my little black dress – see here numbers 14, 15 and 28 😀

I SING…like cats on a hot tin roof.

I CRY…when my catapult misses those darned door to door salesmen

I WRITE…because because because because…..they made me do it.

I WON… Wow, you get a serious answer here….Kim’s Christmas Competition  and have a beautiful portrait of my daughter.

I AM CONFUSED…when I open my eyes and it lasts until I go back to sleep.

I NEEDto find my marbles…..NOW!

I SHOULDstart reviewing my computer skills!

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… OMG I’m blind, it’s gone dark and I can’t see anything.

I’m not going to tag any victims lovely bloggers in particular and if you wish to participate then please feel free and leave a comment please 😀

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