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Blogging To Fame – Spamalot and Update

Posted by cotojo on August 1, 2007

 Update is at the bottom of post.

Blogging to Fame 2007 is a wonderful platform for all bloggers to get involved and showcase their blogs.  It’s a marvellous thing brought to us by Divya and no one can fault her for doing such a wonderful job. The idea is to help us all improve our blogging skills, also help others to gain recognition for their skills too.

If you blog you are a part of the blogosphere, which has changed the way in which we communicate and learn, help each other with constructive criticism, useful comments and more.  We have all made many new friends along the way covering a diverse range of subjects within their blogs, and they all have their own personality.

I’m a relative newbie to blogging, my first proper blog is a mere 4 months old, and this one is a mere 8 weeks in the making, so I am not a ‘seasoned’ blogger but I do my best to be as accurate with the information I provide on my original blog, and to have a look at different aspects of life on this one.

Blogging To Spam

Spam…..don’t we just all hate it!!  Our mailboxes get masses of it and if you’re clever it gets filtered to your Spam Folder.  I hated spam as a kid, spam fritters, grilled spam, spam sandwiches, spam salads…….and I still hate spam!

Now we have a new phenomena on BTF – Blog Spamming by groups of individuals who are all in bed together to do their utmost to gain the most Fames by spamming every blogger time and time again.

 modern day Spam

Many of you are listed on BTF and quite rightly too.  I have met some wonderful people and read some very entertaining blogs. 

The problem now is the spam that is being generated by these cliques to make it very one sided. They will Fame YOU but not your blog, yet they will leave a copy & paste message on every blog saying the same thing……I have Famed you, please fame me AND my blogs.  Some have degenerated themselves to begging for you to Fame them, but hell…..they won’t reciprocate on your blogs!!

Comments like:

“lets’s blog to fame together….all the best…


welcome to my blog, just read it and if you like it please Fame me, I have already FRAMED you, just let me know how you like my blogs.”

If you don’t obey they will be back and paste the same message, a few days later they start getting somewhat annoyed because you haven’t famed their blogs……but when they visited your blog why didn’t they fame your blog?  Because you are undervalued as you don’t belong to the clique they have created among themselves.

It really is deplorable that they can actually stoop this low in what is a fine community where there are many wonderful blogs and bloggers, and many new people find this thwarting their attempts to get their own blogs off the ground.

“Hi dear I am new to this any thanks”

“I just saw your profile and could not resist myself from giving fame to it.

In my blog too, I am sure you will find something of interest to you.
Your just one valuable fame to me and my blog will help me in getting one step closer my goal.  Once again a HUMBLE request to give your valuable time to visit my blog and fame me and my blog”

“Hiii..Fame My Blogs Yaar,,,,”  response to this was “i like to read that “yaar” so let me count the number of times you call me that.”

For them and many others it’s back scratching each other, pleading and begging for you to Fame THEIR blogs and still they won’t Fame yours, but they will Fame you…..and they think they are clever huh?

Back Scratcher

Simple advice, delete the spam messages, by all means look around the bloggers and CHECK their blogs…..some are only a few multi-coloured lines, may look fancy, bright and cheerful, but it’s absolute trash, garbage and in many cases plagiarism.  Copied straight off the net, colour the fonts and hey presto, it’s a new post……….NOT.  Some are even males with a nice female picture to entice you……..but we’re not all stupid are we!!  You can hit and fame as many blogs as you like, your exposure and traffic won’t increase in the slightest. 

There are many blogs that deserve recognition, advice and  a friendly person to help them along with some guidance.

I have heard so many bad news stories about people being spammed and I’m sure there are hundreds more.  It’s time it stopped and these people were ignored.

Stand Up For What You Believe

There is an update on this issue written by Saurabh on the BTF blog, I suggest that you head on over and have a read of it.

If you have joined BTF then how about joining BTF Fans, where you will find useful information and ways in which we can help each other and help new bloggers to get off the ground.

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