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Verify Your Blog on MyBlogLog

Posted by cotojo on January 22, 2008

MyBlogLog (MBL) have now come up with a solution to stop others interfering with, infecting and taking over others blogs.

It’s called ‘Verify My Site’ and by creating a post with MyBlogLog Verification as the title, MyBlogLog Verificaton in the tags, and entering a piece of code then publish the post then click the link on MBL to verify that it is yours and no one else can access it….all rights remain with the individual only and any co-authors that they may add.

All you have to do is log into MBL, click on your blog name and to the right where it says ‘Authors’ there is now a link called ‘Verify My Site’. Click on this and there is a small piece of code to enter into a new blog post….it must be posted in the html / source or code depending upon which platform you are using.

Open another window and open your blog, create a new post with MyBlogLog Verification as the title, and also as tags/labels and enter the code.

Publish your post, return to the MBL page and then click on ‘Authenticate’  Once it has found your post it will show you that is has been authenticated and you can safely delete the post and your blog on MBL will have a green checkmark beside it.

MyBlogLog Verified Checkmark

This was introduced on Saturday due to the problems that had been created and hopefully it will lead to a safer experience for all of us.

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