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Most Helpful Blogger Award

Posted by cotojo on February 4, 2008

I received this awesome Most Helpful Blogger Award from my new friend Kylee over at Bijoux and BanterThank you so very much for your kindness and generosity.

She is relatively new to blogging and has created three new awards which are below.

Kylee said this:

“I haven’t been on the blogging scene long and am still learning the hows, whys and wheres but I do feel that I am making progress! My progress has come about not only by trial, error and fiddling but also thanks to the help & support of a few key people.

Therefore I would like to present the following awards to the following buddies!

to Colin of Life thanks for showing me the scroll box!

to Diane at Much of a muchness who makes stunning books but hasn’t got around to selling them yet! If only she would come to France!

to Susie at No damn blog whose book I read before meeting her on Total France then finding her here!”

What an amazing start to blogging, and I am sure that Bijoux and Banter will be a great asset to the blogosphere. 

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