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Rock the Globe For Peace – Join Us June 4th

Posted by cotojo on May 31, 2008

This meme is a movement.
Let’s move it.

**start copy**

BlogBlast For Peace Meme ~ Join The Revolution
Here are the rules and the story.
Copy this into a post, ADD YOUR NAME to the bottom of the tag list and tag as many people as you’d like.

The Peace Globe project began in the fall of 2006 with a simple post from one blog, Mimi Writes. The post ignited a flame in the blogosphere. The flame became a passion. The passion became a movement. It amazingly travelled from blog to blog to blog across the globe. Bloggers wrote passionate articles on what peace means to them, along with the promise of three Latin words scribbled on a globe – Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace) – branded with the integrity of their names or blog names. It was positively inspiring to watch. And it began to happen all over the world – from Singapore to China to Afghanistan to Brooklyn.

It was simple. And powerful.

In a matter of days bloggers from all across the globe will blog for peace.
We will speak with one voice. One subject. One day. Won’t you join us?
June 4, 2008

How To Get Your Peace Globe In 4 easy steps!
1. Choose one of the four Peace Globe designs in this post.
Right CLICK and SAVE in JPG format.
2. Sign the globe using Paint, Photoshop or a similar graphics tool. Decorate the globe anyway you wish. You can even include the name of your blog. Click
here for hundreds of inspiring examples from previous BlogBlasts.
3. Return the peace globe to me via email ~ mimiwrites2005 at – Let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving a comment
here and signing the Mr. Linky. Your submission will be numbered and dated in the official gallery . Your globe and post will be listed on the Official BlogBlast For Peace website and The Peace Globe Posts page.
Here’s the most important part.

4. On June 4, 2008 DISPLAY YOUR GLOBE IN A POST. Title your post “Dona Nobis Pacem”. This is important. The goal is for all blog post titles to say the same thing on the same day. Write about peace that day or simply fly your globe. Click here for examples of peace globe posts from previous BlogBlasts.

( Go HERE for the other 3 globe template choices!)

If you need help making your globe, I will help and Sanni from Germany has volunteered to make globes for FREE. Just visit her and request one!

If you’d like to help spread the word, take this button to your site. The code is in my sidebar.

Blogblast For Peace I, Mimi Queen of Memes, hereby royally tag the following…….

(Before you copy this list on your blogs, ADD YOUR OWN NAME to the bottom of the list. )

When Silence Speaks, Scribbit, Flashing Yellow Lights, Whynotblogitout, Bitch Ph.D, Rocks In My Dryer, Sprittibee, Embracing Momminess, Izzy Mom, Shadowscope, Fussy, Live Granades, Message In a Bottle Write From Karen, MotherBumper, The Musings of Yet Another Working Mom, john k stuff MC Hammer Brazilian XC Skier Process Recess Ear Farm Rick Mercer Not Martha Vegan Lunch Box You Ain’t No Picasso Motel de Moka Guyana amond Geezer Vitriolica Webb India Uncut The Lonely Island The Splintered Mind HorsePigCow Pimpwiz Getting a Leg Up Coffee House to Go One Movie a Day This Is Not Art Dean Alfar Dean the Teen Diesel East Coast Dweller Frank Sirianni Gumby Henry Bateman Kiyotoe Matt-man Michael C Migs Bassig MorgenPenfold Prometheus Scott Travis The Language Guy Blog from Bolivia Circadiana Coffee Trail Runner’s Anonymous Lawyer HD For Indies Bored Vietnamese God Google Video of the Day Simplicity Founder Frustrations The Rising Blogger Daniel Thompson Microtonal Composer altjiranga mitjina Island Writer Critique my Blog Clickworthy Links Blah Blah Blog – The Soap Box Thermal Smiling Sunflower Just a Hippie Gypsy Pastoral Ponderings Bible Study Blog Surviving NJ Mike’s Place 4Simpsons Blog Here Comes a Storm in the Form of a Pointless Drivel Blog Name Removed Eel Comedy Plus The Witch Doctor Is IN The Foo Logsl My Life Shelly Save Sheila Gem-vita Hippie Spelunker Crunchy Carpets Digital Traveller Rollie at Friday’s Fry Get a Klu . 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Please consider passing this meme through the blogosphere.
This is Mimi Pencil Skirt reporting from the lovely land of the Peace Globes.
Memeing the Movement.

**End Copy**

Here is my Peace Globe which I will be flying on June 4th.

Dona Nobis Pacem

Now then, for my part I would add that if you are participating in this then please also participate in The Big Bang if you have not done so already and vice versa.

Lets rock the globe with a show of Bloggers for Peace, let our blogs make an impact!

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