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Monday Already

Posted by cotojo on February 23, 2009

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32 Responses to “Monday Already”

  1. cotojo said

    AngelBaby – Hello my dear friend, I need to get some serious blog hopping time and will pop ove rlater.
    Hope all is well with you,
    Have a wonderful week,
    Love and Blessings

  2. AngelBaby said

    I just stopped by to say hello. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. Joyoz said

    how you doing? haven’t heard you for quite long time. advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  4. rocky said

    w00f’s Colin, heehee its Thursday!!!! Hi my friend!!

    b safe,
    ~rocky and company~

  5. Tomas said

    Thank you. I was very sick but your WOW! Kitten returned smile to me and the week will be fine indeed in spite of the fact I am very sick today- Thank you!
    Your picture talks.
    Your words too are pictorial
    “Have a great week” is the GRAND message. The sharing brings meaning to life.

    Sincerely yours
    Tomas Karkalas
    The depth of the steps we are leaving in life depends on our love to other

  6. Angela said

    LOLOL That monday one is too funny! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Shinade said

    Hello my old friend,
    I hope things are going well with you. I have just returned home after a 5 month visit to my daughter’s home in Maine.

    I was supposed to be away for only a month to visit my new grandson but things changed when I got there. It’s a long story but all worked out okay in the end.

    I miss you Colin and wish you and yours the very best!!

  8. Sophiagurl said

    hello anybody home? how are yo my friend? hope you are doing okay =( I miss yah!

  9. Sophiagurl said

    Hey where are you? How have you been? Worried about you….hope you’re doing okay. Update me please =( Take care!!! Huggggggsss!

  10. hope your doing okay…I have a little something for you at Maunies World…when your feeling a little better

  11. The kitty has a large cranium! Genius cat???

    Hi Colin 🙂

  12. hello colin sorry for its been solong since i havent visit you here
    by the way i am now to celebrate my first year anniversary here in the blogosphere
    and in got something for you in my blog
    thanks for being a part of my blog my friend i treasured every comments and moments you spent there
    thank you again have a great day

  13. Joy said

    Hello Colin! How are you doing? I’m here to let you know that I have an award for you because I admire your blog.

  14. Wow! You have a nice page in here, care to xlink? if it is okay with you blogroll me and leave me a message in my cbox so that I can add you up also okay! tnx TC 🙂

  15. laketrees said

    wonderful pic and words Colin 🙂
    how’s life treating you??

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  17. for you.. have a great week too..

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  19. maryt said

    Certainly worth the reading, Colin! But it’s not Monday here yet… Ha!

  20. Lynn said

    Yes indeed, everything happens for a reason. I do believe in that one. Nice quote, Colin. How are u? Hope you’re well and good. Have a nice day!

  21. six4paula said

    I miss you Colin!!

  22. Hope all is well in your world Colin. Have a great day sweetie. 🙂

  23. speedcathollydale said

    Monday??? I missed Sunday? … shucks!

    How you doing Colin? Your cat’s head looks to big 🙂

  24. RennyBA said

    And now it’s weekend – life goes on so fast – hope you’ll have a great one!
    Well, I know you will, as you are Awarded!! 🙂

  25. purplefrog said

    we are trying to keep santas blog running..i am running out of you have anything new to blog over their and bd2? we need everyone to blog over their a little more often, i can`t do it alone or maunie either…keep me informed..thanks~kim

  26. croneandbearit said

    Hi Colin – I know I haven’t visited in awhile – forgive me. I really like your “Life is too short…” button and I’d like to copy it and post on my blog – permission? Hugs, Linda

  27. have a great day too colin
    hey that was so cute kitty
    by the way i certainbly beleive on that quotes
    life was too short so we have to treasured every moment we spend in our life
    have agreat day again may God bless you

  28. Hey, it’s me again. I feel really sad when I don’t hear from you. It’s like there’s a missing link. If you weren’t well, would you tell me? I guess I’ll just say a silent prayer that all is well with you just to be safe. Because I care for you so much, I’ve given you a gift. You can find it here: Perfect Blend of Friendship. Upon your return to the sphere, I hope you’ll stop by and pick it up.

    *lovies ~ blessings*

  29. Sophiagurl said

    Hey my friend missing you load. How about a round of drinks? Clink. Do hope you are doing great today.

    Have a nice weekend. Take care 😀

  30. Hmmmf. Either I’m late getting here or you’re early. Regardless, happy Monday to you too and hope you have/had a great week *smoochies*

  31. yup but now it’s tuesday and my dear friend you haven’t posted that ten things about me I sent by email..I heard you were in charge for perps..if it’s hard to do…never mind..thank you anyway………..maunie

  32. Tammy said

    Hey Babe! I’m tagging you with a meme here.

    Hope you had a good weekend sweetie!

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