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My Friends Buttons

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14 Responses to “My Friends Buttons”

  1. cotojo said

    Mommy Elvz – It’s my pleasure 😆
    Have a wonderful week,
    Take care,

  2. mommy elvz said

    Hi there! thanks so much for adding my button here 🙂

    Be back, have a great day!

  3. cotojo said

    Shoshi – email me a pic that you want to use and I will make a button for you 🙂
    Just use the Contact Me page.
    Take care and have a great week

  4. Shoshana Rose said

    How can I get a button? 😦

  5. cotojo said

    Chuck – Check you email…it’s been sent to you 🙂
    Scroll box and code included, just copy & paste…how easy d’ya want it huh? hahahahaha
    Now you can go global…well, when you have it posted anyway!
    Take care sweetie,

  6. chuck said

    nice sentence structure, good feeling from it, feel’n the love. nice work.

    that said, i woudl be touched if a scrolly box came from you. i could go global with my gift.

    can’t w8. u take care too, love.

  7. cotojo said

    Chuck – Scroll box would only take afew minutes to make with text embedded ready for you to place under your Chuck Button so others can copy it. It would be the same as I have under my Button 😀
    So I managed to find the letters to put into words and even managed to string an almost coherent sentence out of it all too LOL
    If you want a mini-scroll let me know and I’ll make it up for you 🙂
    Take care sweetie,

  8. chuck said

    You got me a giggl’n 🙂 I really am terrible at communicating sometimes *good grief, charlie brown* I am wondering if you create a scroll box youself. Would it take you long and what do you have in mind? Yesterday, I took the picture of my header and was thinking I might do something with it. (i’m just say’n) — anyhoo, put your thoughts into letters, then words and sentences. thx friend – you always d’man. i really love ya.

  9. cotojo said

    Lisa – I’ll see if I can come up with one for you 😀
    They are pretty easy to make though, well…for me it is 🙂
    Take care,

  10. Sophiagurl said

    Coool! How do i make one these hehehe. LOL!

  11. cotojo said

    Chuck – Left comment on your Buttons Page LOL
    Take care my sweet buddy,
    Have a gr8 day,

  12. chuck said

    Hey, whatta ya mean by that? Curious….lemmeno.

  13. cotojo said

    Chuck – Yeah it looks cool huh? It’s a pleasure to place it there 😀
    Now if you want it turned into a button I’ll do the code for you in a small scroll for sidebar to go under Chuck 🙂
    Let me know.
    Take care catch you later buddy,

  14. chuck said

    Yay! I look cute just as I am, without creating some fancy button *wink* – thanks for posting me up on your wall. I’m honored.

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