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You have to forgive to really live

Posted by cotojo on March 5, 2009

You have to forgive to really live

By Emma Atkins

Many family practice doctors are discovering some extraordinary things about our health complaints. Almost ninety percent of all the complaints their patients tell them about in the examining room are stress related. In fact, many studies show over eighty percent of diseases, even cancers, are exacerbated by high stress levels, negative attitudes and over-extended lifestyles. We eat poorly, we sleep restlessly and our hormone levels begin yo-yoing. We put junk in to shove our emotions back down and do not replenish our bodies with nutrients such as acai berry antioxidants, calcium, vitamins and fiber.

Irritable bowel syndromes, headaches, high blood pressure and backaches can all begin with a little seed of discontent that can fester inside of us for years. That seed is called unforgiveness. Like the pea in all of those mattresses the princess could still feel, unforgiveness can irritate us deep down in our souls. But over time, if that princess was forced to sleep with that pea, she’d become so used to it she could not sleep without it. It’s the same with our unforgiving thoughts.

Maybe it’s the little things that build up over time. Perhaps it is a whopper such as abuse, abandonment or a false allegation. Maybe it is the unthinkable such as the act of death taking away the one we love. The bare bone harsh truth is twofold. First, “hurting people hurt people”, as Joyce Meyer is famous for quoting. Hurting people are focused on themselves more than the people they hurt. Perhaps it is a familial pattern or a way at getting back at someone they need to forgive. Yes, they are responsible for their actions. But, my friend, so are you. That is the second truth. You are the only one who can control how you react. Not your mom, your spouse, or your friends. You. And the longer you let negativity and hurt fester in you; sooner or later it will come out. Often it comes out in a physical way. You gain weight because you stress eat and the gut starts expanding and bloating. You can’t sleep in that deep restorative REM very long. You try not to let your moods be irritable so your bowels take over the job. I am not saying forgiving is easy. Far from it. It may be the most gut-wrenching, cleansing thing you ever do, but even through the painful process, it will be worth it. You need to realize that your unforgiveness is doing you more harm than they ever did to you. The longer you have lived with that unforgiveness, the longer it may take to release it from the grasp it has on you.

The Lord’s Prayer says “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those…” There is a reason that is in there along with asking for daily bread. Both are necessary for healthy living.

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Disability Resource Exchange

Posted by cotojo on December 4, 2007

Disability Resource Exchange is a place to discuss disability issues and exchange resources ideas and support.  Whether you have a disability/health issue or are just interested in disability issues you are welcome to join this social network.
This is an amazing resource exchange which I joined and the people are awesome…some you may already know and some you will get to know.
Please take a few minutes to register and join Rudy, the creator of this awesome exchange and the rest of us….including me!
Apart from a few minutes of your time what have you got to lose?
Visit Disability resource exchange also take a look at the Disability Resource Directory

Disablity Resource Exchange


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Drink Your Water! Drink for Weight Loss

Posted by cotojo on September 22, 2007

Eight glasses a day…no doubt you’ve heard it from everybody – your parents, your doctor, talk show professionals.

The road to wellness is actually a river of pure, clean water, and while to drink sixty-four ounces daily seems like an impossible task, it is actually one of the simplest steps you can take to starting a sound weight loss program.

River of Water

After all, our bodies are approximately sixty percent water, so it is only natural that we constantly replenish ourselves in order to feel good.

Water has no fat – as opposed to thick milkshakes

Water has no calories – as opposed to iced tea

Water has no sugar – as opposed to soft drinks

Water has no caffeine – as opposed to coffee

Think about how many times a day you eat or have a snack.

How often do you have a drink to accompany your meals?

How often do you default to the combo meal that comes with a soft drink? Sure, you can order a diet drink and not contend with calories or fat, but consider the sugars (or sugar substitutes) and other ingredients that may countereffect your dieting program.

By replacing each drink with a glass of water, not only are you closer to your daily allowance but you greatly increase the chances of a healthier you!

Water energizes – As you engage in a strenuous workout, you need fluids to replace what you lose.

Clear water

Many may suggest sports drinks with electrolytes, but these same drinks may have sugar, which may countereffect your exercise.

Drinking water as you exercise can keep you energized to complete your workout.

Water refreshes – On a hot day, nothing cools down the body like a glass of ice water. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a hundred degrees for water consumption to be necessary.

Water Refreshes

Drink a glass or two between meals for a continued good feeling.

Water cleanses – Did you know that the more water you drink, the better for your kidneys?

Water Cleanses

Yes, you might imagine that drinking water you need to urinate more, but this is actually a good thing. Water breaks down calcium that can form into kidney stones, so the more you drink the less chance you will have of getting them.

You may notice, too, that your urine becomes a lighter color when you drink more water in a day. This is a good sign, it means you are keeping your kidneys healthy. Ideally, you want to be sure your urine is as clear as possible.

So have a drink of water for your good health!

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British Citizens – YOUR Support Is Needed

Posted by cotojo on August 7, 2007


Although this is called a Petition for Inquiry into Provision of AntiTNF, it has far further reaching effects.  It affects all UK residents that use the NHS and with your support we can make a difference and help toward putting an end to the Post Code Lottery, the shambolic way in which NICE drags its heels over making decisions that can affect the quality of many peoples lives, and the PCT’s lame excuses at costs for many treatments and medications.

Please read and if you can support this worthy cause we would be delighted to have your signature on the petition. 

Many Thanks to all who read this article.

This is an email I received re: Ankylosing Spondylitis and AntiTNF.

As a sufferer of this condition I wanted to highlight it through my blog and hopefully gain  a few more signatures to the petition.  It seems sad that the Patient Care Trusts (PCT’s) in the UK can hold peoples health to ransom based purely on cost and where you live.

RE: AntiTNf  petition for inquiry into provision by PCT’s

I want to highlight a petition that an As-Assist member has started on the 10 Downing Street website.

Gillian Eames has asked for an inquiry into why all PCT’s are not funding AntiTNF for patients with ankylosing spondylitis.  This is because her own PCT have refused to fund the drug for her use now that the antiTNF trial she was on has finished.

When you sign the petition you will get an email from Downing Street with a link you click to confirm your interest.  Each signature requires a separate email address so other people with access to your computer can also sign using their own email.

I am aware that some people have already signed the petition and for that I thank them but I am also aware that a lot of members may not yet have seen the petition on the forums. 

All AS sufferers will not require antiTNF but those who reach a stage in their condition where standard drugs have become ineffective and it is necessary to use it really need it and it makes a huge difference to their lives.

Deadline to sign up by: 29 June 2008

Signatures: 1,684 (as of 7th December 2007)

The link is

You do NOT need to be disabled to sign this petition, the only requirement is that you are a British Citizen, so even if you are overseas you can still sign it.

There is also an article from Disabled Direct which you can read HereIt’s a wonderful site for anyone with a disability and for their carers, and has loads of useful information.  Quality of Life is important for anyone with any form of disability, and who knows, maybe one day you, or someone you know, will need some of this help.

As they mention on their site, there are 10.6 millon registered disabled people in the UK, so come on people, please sign this petition so that treatment for any condition is not based on cost or where you live!  It’s time to end the post code lottery. 

This was also featured as the main item on the ITN London News and there is a short video clip of it here:

Radio Interview can be heard here:

More information on Ankylosing Spondylitis:


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