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Helping Fellow Bloggers

Posted by cotojo on January 7, 2009

Many of you are wonderful friends that I have come to know through blogging, and each of you have your own particular talent and I am honored to know so many of you.

One of my friends who many of you will know, is RennyBA and his superb blog about Norway.

RennyBA’s Terella is a Finalist for The 2008 Weblogs Awards in category Best European Blog (Non UK).

Voting continues until January 13th and you can cast one vote in each 24 hour period.

I support my friends as much as possible and I hope that you will all find the time to vote for RennyBA’s Terella, we are all one big family in the blogosphere so let’s help each other out  🙂

Click Here to vote and Click Here to read what Renny has written himself.

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10 Responses to “Helping Fellow Bloggers”

  1. cotojo said

    AngelBaby – Renny’s blog is awesome and full of amazing content.
    Now I’m trying to play catch up again lol
    Take care my dear friend,
    Love, Hugs and Blessings,

  2. AngelBaby said

    I love Renny’s blog, I go there all the time. He’s a great writer and has some wonderful information on there. I went and voted for him too.

    Come by when you can and see the changes to my place. Let me know how you like it, OK?

    Love, blessings and a big hug to you my dear friend,

  3. cotojo said

    Max – Hello darling 🙂
    Renny will appreciate all the votes and I click through and vote every day and wish him great success.

    I’m getting back to normality – what’s that 😆
    Have a great week.
    Colin xx

  4. Hey Colin!

    This is so nice of you, darling! I have already voted for Renny, last week: I wish him all the luck in the world! 😀

    I hope you’re doing well :)!
    Wishing you a great week ahead!


  5. cotojo said

    Lisa – Thank you my dear friend 🙂
    I had problems with a few joints, mostly neck and shoulders and lower spine, but a few more treatment sessions to go so should soon be back to full time chaos creation soon LOL
    Also in middle of transferring Free PC Security to its own domain so quite a lot of changes to make there too, but it will all come together.
    Take care my sweet friend,
    Huggggggggs n kisses

  6. Sophiagurl said

    HELLOOOOOOO!!!!! You can’t know how thrilled I am so you write here! So how are you? What happened to you. =) Wish we could talk again…one thing is sure…we all missed you like crazy! Welcome back my friend. Hugggggggs!

  7. cotojo said

    Sì il mio amore,
    I am back e ci sarà di nuovo nel mondo degli affari lol
    I sarà presto ritornare alla normalità troppo distacco.
    Happy New Year mio dolce amico
    Baci e abbracci

  8. hanna said

    sei tornato?!?!?!?!?
    manda un messaggio al bloglog e blogcatalog per avvertire tutta la banda che ci sei ancora!

  9. cotojo said

    RennyBA – No thanks needed my friend, it’s a pleasure to support you and also to vote for your blog which gives an amazing insight into Norway and creates a sense of ‘being there’.
    I shall be voting every day for your blog.
    I wish you every success and all the very best for 2009, may it be a great year 🙂

  10. RennyBA said

    Thanks so very much Colin. Its great to such a supportive friend in Blosphere like you!

    Let me also say that it encourage me to keep on sharing about Norway, our culture, traditions and habits.

    Ohhh yea – while I’m at it: Wishing you all the best for 2009 🙂

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