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Save WinXP

Posted by cotojo on May 9, 2008

Your help is needed to save WindowsXP from the scrapheap when it is removed from sale at the end of June.

Galen Gruman, an executive editor at InfoWorld in San Francisco said of Microsoft “It’s unfortunate that they’ve let their blindness about Vista lead them to ignore what their customers are telling them.”

Infoworld launched a “Save Windows XP” initiative, including an online petition which now has close to 200,000 signatures. Help to raise this by reading this article and then clicking the follow through link to sign the petition.

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6 Responses to “Save WinXP”

  1. cotojo said

    Max – Many agree Sweetie, XP is now a safe and secure platform. Vista looks flash, but as for functionality, it sure has its shortcomings! But then this is to be expected with any new OS, especially with Microsoft! The other problem is that Vista is expected to be superseded as early as next year with what is currently being called ‘Windows7’.
    There are so many problems with Vista, previous OS releases have retained backward compatability with both software and hardware, but not Vista.
    Have a great day darling, take care,

  2. Hey Colin,

    I agree with you: XP should be saved. I love it! Plus I heard that Vista is nothing but troubles, and I haven’t met one single person that hasn’t had troubles with it!


  3. cotojo said

    Exfatguy – I still use Win98 on another pc. XP had its glitches initially, but now it is a good and stable OS, but Microsoft seem to think that ‘it ain’t broke, lets fix it’
    The petition is growing in strength and has had some impact on Microsoft’s decision to scrap it. For those who have upgraded or purchased Vista, well, it too has many problems and is soon to be designated for the scrapheap with the release of Windows7 expected next year.
    Thank you for your visit and comment, all support is appreciated.

  4. exfatguy said

    I totally agree with you. Till now I think the best windows yet is win98 and winXP. I would like to sign it just to help saving winXP. Microsoft should consider this petition!

  5. cotojo said

    Christine – Thank you so much 🙂
    Every signature helps and it is not just home users but also corporate users who are far from happy with XP being consigned to the scrapheap. Vista will have an even shorter lifespan with Windows 7 due for release in about 12 months time.
    Have a great weekend ahead,

  6. Consider it signed!

    Christine Bean

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