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My Daughters Portrait

Posted by cotojo on April 3, 2008

As many of you know I won Kim from Laketrees Christmas Competition.  The prize was a portrait, and I chose my daughter, Laura, as the subject……..she’s younger than me and much prettier LOL

The portrait arrived here a few weeks ago when Laura was in Italy on a ski holiday with her school, and I had promised that I would wait until she was here for a weekend so that she could open it.

The weekend she was due here she was not well so it was delayed for another week.  Last Friday I picked her up and she stayed for the weekend.  The highlight of course, was opening the parcel!  So here are the photo’s taken as she unwrapped and saw her portrait for the first time, although she had seen it online, but this was different.

So here is a sequence of photo’s starting with the unwrapping, then first look at the amazing portrait.  A few photo’s so you can see the size and the expression on Laura’s face says it all 😀 Click the thumbnails for larger view.

Out of the box

Out of the boxFirst LookAnother lookThink she is pleasedShe’s very pleased!

Now to find a wall LOLPhoto in Black & WhiteThe original photo

The final three photo’s are of the portrait, the original photo in B&W for comparison and the origial color photo which was used as the ‘model’.  The photo was A4 size and to produce a portrait which is some 350% larger and with perfect detail is quite an accomplishment.

It really is an awesome portrait, and we are both more than very pleased with it.  Thank you so very much Kim, it’s a superb piece of art, which will grace the walls proudly for generations to come 😀

Now come on everyone, after reading this pay Kim a visit at both of her blogs, Laketrees and PoeARTica, you won’t be disappointed.

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30 Responses to “My Daughters Portrait”

  1. cotojo said

    RennyBA – Thank you so much my friend 🙂
    Kim is extremely talented and the portrait is absolutely awesome, I am so very grateful to have won it and my daughter is over the moon with it 😆
    Take care and have a great week,

  2. cotojo said

    Stacey – Thank you so much 🙂
    It really is an awesome portrait and has captured my daughter perfectly, it really is very impressive.
    Have a great week,

  3. cotojo said

    Max – Thank you sweetheart, it is great on the wall and Kim’s work is just awesome, and my daughter was so thrilled when she opened it and saw the portrait for the first time…so was I lol.
    Have a great week sweetie,
    Take care,

  4. RennyBA said

    Both your daughter and the portrait looks brilliant – Kim is such an artist – lucky you!

  5. Wow! That is amazing! And your daughter is beautiful! 🙂

  6. Hello Colin,

    Oooh so lovely!!! I can tell that your kid was quite happy with it :D! She is indeed a lovely girl, congrats, darling :D!
    Kim’s work is amazing, she is quite talented!!! And let me tell you that it looks great on a canvas! How did it look on the wall?

    You are definitely a proud dad :D!

    I wish you a great week, sweetie :)!


  7. cotojo said

    Kim – Me a magician? LOL
    Hope you had a great weekend my dear friend 😀
    Take care,
    Hugs and kisses,

  8. laketrees said

    LOL Colin…
    thanks…you are such a magician 😀
    have a terrific weekend !!

  9. cotojo said

    Milton – Thank you buddy 🙂
    It certainly is great and will take pride of place on my wall 😀
    Have a great weekend,
    Take care,

  10. cotojo said

    Lisa – It was a lovely moment and one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ ones 😀
    Have a great weekend with your family my dear friend,

  11. cotojo said

    Maunie – Thank you so much my dear friend 🙂
    My daughter will be very proud of it in years to come, her face was a real picture as she unwrapped and Kim has created such a wonderful portrait 😀
    Take care and have a great weekend,
    Hugs and kisses,

  12. wow thats great congratulation again have a great day

  13. Sophiagurl said

    Wow Colin what a lovely moment it must have been and she certainly looks very beautiful! =) huggggssssss! Have a great weekend!

  14. Oh Colin…how beautiful…both the picture and your lovely daughter..
    she will be so proud of her portrait in years to come…and of course, Kim is so very talented…Hugs and kisses to all of you…

  15. cotojo said

    Eric – Thank you so very much buddy 🙂
    Kim is extremely talented, to capture the spirit from a photo is awesome 😀
    To watch it being unwrapped wasa truly wonderful experience and my daughters face was a picture itself.
    Have a great weekend my friend 🙂

  16. cotojo said

    C-Baby – Thank you Sweetie, it really is amazing and a very beautiful portrait 😀
    Take care Buddy, catch you soon 🙂

  17. cotojo said

    Kim – It’s my pleasure to present this on my blog, it captured so much as the portrait was unwrapped 😀

    It’s a once in a lifetime thing, and I just had to take some photo’s which Laura will have for many years, another page of her life added to the book LOL

    Of course you can add them to your portfolio, help yourself 🙂

    The portrait is stunning, a beautiful piece of art which will be proudly displayed for many, many years to come 😀

    Hugs and kisses from both of us, Laura is over the moon with it.

    ps: I corrected the little error LOL

  18. cotojo said

    Sandee – Thank you Sweetie 😀
    My daughter was speechless when she finally unwrapped it, now that’s a first hahaha.
    Take care and have a great day,
    Big Hugs 😀

  19. cotojo said

    Misty – Thank you my dear friend 🙂
    It is amazing, Kim is so very talented and has captured my daughter perfectly.
    Have a great day 😀

  20. Speedcat said

    Hi Colin!
    The portait really did turn out nice. Kim is so talented. What an exciting package to have delivered!
    You are very blessed indeed.

    Happy Weekend from Eric 🙂

  21. Colorado Baby Cares said

    Colin, it is truly amazing and beautiful, the picture and your daughter. Nice pic’s.
    Your buddy Colorado Baby

  22. laketrees said

    dear Colin…
    thank you so much for taking these wonderful photos of Laura and her portrait….
    just awesome 😀
    I love ALL of them !!

    I felt like I was in the room with you both !!!
    I hope you don’t mind if I borrow them for my portfolio…..

    I will add a link to them from my portrait post…

    thanks for taking the time to present this on your blog here too….
    a very thoughtful gesture 🙂
    hugs and kisses to you both…Kim

    *waves and g’days* to Mary Ann and Diane…
    thanks gals …you’re the bestest 🙂 🙂

  23. Awesome Colin. Very well done. You daughter is beautiful as well. Have a great day sweetie. 🙂

  24. Misty Dawn said

    In a word… WOW. No… Amazing. No… Unbelievable.

    I can’t get over the talent in that portrait! Absolutely fantastic!

  25. cotojo said

    Tammy – Thank you my sweet friend 😀
    Watching her grow over the years is a wonderful experience, but I don’t know where she got her good looks from LOL
    Take care sweetie and have a great day,

  26. Tammy said

    Your daughter is a very beautiful young lady.

    Hug Tammy

  27. cotojo said

    Mary Ann – Thank you my dear friend 😀
    There was no way I could not post this as it is such an amazing portrait, and Kim has captured everything so well.
    My daughter is more than pleased with it, she has it on her cell phone and anywhere else she can put it LOL
    Have a wonderful day sweetie,
    Take care,

  28. cotojo said

    Diane – Thank you my dear friend 🙂
    It is nice to be able to capture these moments, and the portrait is simply awesome 😀
    I have the honour of looking after it and in years to come my daughter will then have it.
    Kim is very talented, to be able to produce this from a photograph and to capture the essence of life is truly amazing.
    Take care my friend and have a wonderful day,

  29. Mary Ann said

    This post is absolutely just too cool. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of usuns, fella. Laura is just as gorgeous in person as the portrait reveals.

    You done did good, Dad.

    I’d like to add one more thing, “Thank you for being such a grand friend, Kim.”

    *Hugs* to everyone!

  30. Diane said

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Your daughter AND the portrait!
    What a wonderful way to capture the essence of your daughter at this stage in her life, just becoming a lovely young woman. Your family will treasure the portrait for years to come.

    Kim is so talented and I echo everything you have said 🙂

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