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Have You Noticed

Posted by cotojo on March 31, 2008

Well?  Have you?  Have you? Go on take a peek, you know you want to 😆

Hey…….it’s Monday, start the week with a laugh!!

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12 Responses to “Have You Noticed”

  1. cotojo said

    Maunie – My dear friend, I don’t think that you are planned to be eaten at the bbq LOL, maybe I should check with perps first just in case hahahaha
    Take care and have a great day 😀

  2. Well dear friend…I bet you could catch me…I don’t run as fast as I used too…I have very skinny legs but I want to be in on the eating…not the eaten……..hugs

  3. cotojo said

    Maunie – Thank you my dear friend 🙂
    Of course I have been peeking in windows again hahaha
    Hey come on, 80 degress no kids, 30 degrees kids…no competition is it 😀
    This could be some bbq LOL….need more of them skinny legs hahaha
    Take care, catch you soon.

  4. Colin…how cute is that…have you been peeking in windows again? We
    are in a quandry about going back to Ma. it’s just so beautiful here..
    but my “kids” are home hummm 80degrees no kids…..30degrees kids…
    hey by the by…I’m in on the bbq…

  5. cotojo said

    Tammy – Awwwww sweetheart, that’s no good is it?
    It’s only a short video too 😦
    Hope Aidan gets better soon, long day for you again.
    You put the coffee on and I’ll get the cookies hahahaha
    Take care babe,

  6. Tammy said

    YouTube blows on dial-up. :o(
    Aidan is sick and that makes me sad so I would have liked to see the funny video. :o(

    Another long night ahead of me. Better put the coffee pot on.

    Hugs, Tammy

  7. cotojo said

    Kim – You’re most welcome my dear friend 🙂
    It’s just another year, add 20 to it and you’ll be up with me hahahaha
    Now elf bbq sounds scrumptious…..all we need are plenty of those skinny legs to go around 😆
    Have a great day,
    Take care…ribbit, ribbit

  8. purplefrog said

    Hey Colin..Thankyou for the Birthday wishes!!!!Birthdays make me depressed every year..It really hit me when i turned 30…Now i just turned 34..My new toy is put together..Now we can have elf bbq..The weather is nice for one…ribbit,ribbit….~kim

  9. cotojo said

    Sandee – It is true isn’t it hahahaha
    At least it starts the week off with a laugh 😆
    Take care Sweetie and have a great week,
    Hugs to you,

  10. Bwahahahahahaha. Well, it’s the truth Colin. Thanks for starting my week of right. Big hug. 🙂

  11. cotojo said

    Lisa – Thank you my sweet friend 😀
    A little humor helps start the week off right LOL
    I will pop over to your blog as soon as I can, it’s been a little hectic the past few weeks hahahaha
    Have a wonderful week,
    Take care and God bless,

  12. Sophiagurl said

    LOL! you are soooooo right my dear friend! What a lovely start to a busy week! =) Miss you my dear friend, hope you’re doing great. Hope the week started great for both of us! God bless!!!

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