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Everyday Kindness Meme

Posted by cotojo on March 4, 2008

Mary aka ‘theteach’ from Work of the Poet tagged me with the Everyday Kindness meme. In celebration of random acts of kindness week, Claudia of Everyday Kindness started this meme. The goal is to help us focus on being kind. Learning about each other is also nice, right? Now you know me….I tend to twist these things  a little LOL

Kind Fives

1. List five kind things you do for yourself. List five kind things you do for your closest friend, partner or child. List five kind things you have done for a stranger.2. Tag five people.

Five kind things I do for myself:
1) Get out of bed. 2) Prise my eyes open after an hour or so. 3) Wash the dishes that have accumulated over the past month. 4) Look through the dirty laundry to see if there is something I can wear. 5) Go back to bed…the world will be safer LOL.

Five kind things you do for my closest friend/partner/soulmate :
1) Ignore them, it’s much quieter 2) When they are ill take them to the vet – it’s much kinder and cheaper. 3) Glued their lips so my ears have a rest. 4) When they phone for a moan hang up on them. 5) Double locked their door so they can’t get out.

List five kind things you have done for a stranger:
1) Tied the gate tightly and watched them struggle trying to open it. 2) Aimed my catapult at them as they walk away in despair.  3) When they ask for directions I send them the opposite way. 4) Superglued their walking frame to the floor. 5) Crept up behind them and screamed LOL.

I tag the following five victims bloggers to participate in the Everyday Kindness:

MAXChuck, Jess, Lolli, Chris 

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28 Responses to “Everyday Kindness Meme”

  1. […] Everyday Kindness Meme […]

  2. cotojo said

    Lisa – hehehehe…I’m just BAD 🙂
    My interpretation is slightly different to everyone else, I’m still trying to work out wht LOL
    Hope your weekend was a good one,
    Take care my dear friend,
    Hugs to you,

  3. Sophiagurl said

    LOL! laughed hard on this one….see i can’t stop laughing. =)

  4. cotojo said

    Chuck – LOL…amnesia set in already or is it just old age overtaking hahaha
    Maybe I can find them on your blog 🙂
    Take care sweety,
    Have a gr88888888 day 🙂

  5. cotojo said

    Misty Dawn – Now why be ‘normal’….I just twist it a teeny weeny bit LOL and inject my bit of humor into it 😀
    It will get me into trouble one day I’m sure hahaha
    Have a great day my friend,

  6. chuck said

    i posted this one too – they might be on the same post. i don’t remember. long day. fatigue has set in — my arm. lovie dovie honey bunch!

  7. Misty Dawn said

    “When they are sick – take them to the vet”

    You are hilarious! You crack me up!

  8. cotojo said

    Milton – It’s a fun meme isn’t it LOL
    It’s also nice to just twist it a little bit hahaha
    Have a great day buddy :o)

  9. cotojo said

    Stacey – thank you my dear friend LOL
    I interpret them in a slightly different way hahaha
    It’s nice to add a touch of humor 😀
    Have a wonderful day,
    Take care,

  10. hello ghehe nice answer i got that meme too and made it and i enjoy answering it too
    have a great day colin and thanks for visiting my blog

  11. LOL! Only you, Colin! I love how you make these memes into your own!

  12. cotojo said

    Max – Thank you sweetie, glad that you will participate too 😀
    As I live on my own it took a little thought, but it just wouln’t be me if I answered as I was supposed too hahahaha
    Have a good night yourself my dear friend 🙂

  13. cotojo said

    Kim – I know…I’m just bad LOL
    But it wouldn’t be me if I did it the way I was supposed to 😀
    I just hope no one takes it seriously hahahahaha
    Take care my dear friend,

  14. Hey Colin,

    Thanks for tagging me; I will participate (when I post it I will leave a note with you) :)!
    Now, you have designed a strategy to deal with partners, eh? LOL “Ignore them, it is much quieter” LOL…

    Your meme was quite interesting, it made me laugh (believe it or not) lol :)!

    My dear friend, have a good night sleep (I am off to relax now)!


  15. laketrees said

    very funny Colin..
    and naughty too !!
    tsk tsk tsk……

  16. cotojo said

    Tammy – I’m just bad when it comes to these hahahaha
    Just a slightly different way of thinking…I think! 😀
    Have a great day babe
    Colin xx

  17. Tammy said

    I love how you do these!!! You are hilarious! Maybe that’s why I love you. hehehe!

  18. cotojo said

    Chris – My dear friend, there’s no rush whatsoever.
    I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s mother and my thoughts are with you.
    Take care,

  19. chris said

    Thanks for thinking of me for this tag Colin. I probably won’t get to it for a few days though. My heart isn’t into blogging today, as my husband’s mother is gravely ill and expected to pass at any time. She was such a dear lady and we’ll miss her wry sense of humor. I will work on the tag after everything settles down. Thanks again

  20. cotojo said

    MaryT – I’m just bad LOL…..I forgot to put my rose tinted glasses on 😀
    Yes you put ‘bloke’….OMG hahaha
    It was fun doing this one though LOl
    Have a great day,

  21. cotojo said

    Chuck – I didn’t know my bunches of grapes were showing hahahaha
    One day I might take a meme seriously, but don’t hold your breath 😀
    Have a great day

  22. cotojo said

    Sandee – I will add you to taggees 🙂
    Manly? hahaha…..if it can raise a laugh then it’s good fun 😀
    Big hugs to you too sweetie,

  23. cotojo said

    Jess – You’re not alone my friend hahahaha
    I’m just bad LOL
    Have fun and have a great day,

  24. Bloke, did I say bloke?

  25. Thanks Colin, hilarious post! You’re a good bloke for participating! 😀

  26. chuck said

    Oh lordie – you really got some great answers here, funny man!! You made me laugh 🙂 Thx for the tag. I’m all about kindness tags. Love ya bunches of grapes.

  27. Hi Colin – Always tag me anyway. I do the Meme Monday and just post once a week. So, tag away. It doesn’t matter I’ll still give you the link love.

    Love your sense of humor on this meme. Sounds very manly you know. Big hug sweetie.


  28. the laundry part…I thought it was only me (lol)
    Hi Colin, nice and fun fives…..

    I’ll do my fives soon.


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