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More Awards – Thank You All

Posted by cotojo on February 22, 2008

Toadally Awesome AwardWow……I got me some more awards….the ‘You Are Toadally Awesome’ Award from my dear friend Lilyruth over at Lilyruth’s “This and that friendly cottage”

Thank you so very much for honoring me with this my dear friend, it is a great honor.  

This award was created by my friend  Kim over at PurpleFrogCat who awarded it to me previously here.

Friendship Award
Amazing Award

The ‘Friendship is a light in the darkness’ and ‘Amazing Award’ came from my dear friend Angelbaby over at Your Caring Angels

Thank you Angelbaby for including me in your list of recipients.



Now it is my turn to hand out these awards so I will give them to the following:
LisaJesseTheCatRennyBA – JosEv NucciMichellePaulaJoyPolliwogs PondJeremyChristySandeeMimi DianeBobbyZubli – DavidRamonMauroRenato

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26 Responses to “More Awards – Thank You All”

  1. cotojo said

    Lisa – My dear sweet friend, you are so welcome 😀
    An awards page is a good idea LOL
    Have awonderful week ahead, hope it is not too busy.
    Hugs n love to you,

  2. cotojo said

    Zubli – My Blog Brother, you are so very welcome 🙂
    Post shortly, post long, post whenever hahaha.
    Just get the barrels ready 😀
    Have a wonderful week,

  3. Sophiagurl said

    Hey! thank you my dear dear friend for these wonderful awards. I am soooo happy that you always think of me. I think I may have to put up an awards page too. Have a great weekend – well what’s left of it anyways….Hugggggssss!

  4. Zubli Zainordin said

    You are so kind, my Blog Brother. I shall post shortly, or longly, soon…

  5. cotojo said

    Chuck – Thank you my dear friend 🙂
    It’s very humbling to receive so many awards and I have yet to make the time to add them to my Awards Page.
    Sandee is an awesome blogger and great friend, and so deserving of her awards 😀
    Have a gr8 weekend sweet buddy,
    Hugs to you

  6. cotojo said

    Jos – You’re most welcome buddy 🙂
    It all takes some catching up doesn’t it, the time just disappears 😦
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend,

  7. cotojo said

    Kim – Thank you so much my dear friend 😀
    I know…they are pouring in again LOL
    The final Laura looks absolutely fab 😀
    Watch out…Mimi’s about hahahaha
    have a wonderful Sunday,
    Hugs my dear friend,

  8. cotojo said

    Tammy – Thank you so much my sweet friend 🙂
    I’m losing count now LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs to you,

  9. cotojo said

    Hye – Thank you so much, watch out for the next round of giveaways 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  10. cotojo said

    David – It’s my pleasure my friend,
    God Bless and have a great weekend,

  11. cotojo said

    Ramon – You’re most welcome my friend, it’s a pleasure to include you 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  12. chuck said

    B/w you and Sandee, I’d say you guys have more awards than any of the bloggers out there. You so deserve them. Your personality shines thru your words and makes each visit a blessing. Hope you’re having a gr8 weekend.

  13. Jos said

    Hi Colin! Thanks for thinking of me again. As you know, I am not anywhere near catching up, yet (but hey.. what’s new?), so first let me congratulate you on receiving these awards and then thank you for including me in our recipients list!

  14. A thankful heart will bring God’s favour.
    God bless you!

  15. laketrees said

    OMG Colin !!!…
    more awards 😀
    big grats to you 🙂
    I have posted the final Laura….and now I had better skedaddle before Mimi sees me…
    I have some awards to post pronto 😀

  16. Tammy said

    Hi Colin, I have two awards for you, but if you post them right away people are going to begin to think all you do is get awards. hehehe!

    Big HUG Tammy!

  17. Congratulations on your award ;D Hope they will keep on coming.


  18. pmonchet said

    Wow! Thank you so much for including me! i’ll do this later. Happy weekend!

  19. cotojo said

    Sandee – I know the feeling, so I started to go back through and get them sorted LOL
    have a great day my dear friend and a super weekend,
    Big hugs to you 🙂

  20. cotojo said

    Coolingstar9 – Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment 🙂
    Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead,

  21. cotojo said

    Stacey – Thank you so much my dear friend 🙂
    Hope you have a great weekend ahead,
    Take care,

  22. My awards are piling up. I just need to get a post done. Thanks for thinking of me again Colin. You are just the greatest. I promise to have a post up by the end of Saturday. Big hug. 🙂

  23. coolingstar9 said

    Glad to know that you have received such a valuable award,keep it up.
    have a nice day.

  24. Congratulations again, Colin! You totally deserve them! 🙂

  25. cotojo said

    Diane – You’re most welcome my dear friend 🙂
    It’s always nice to pass them along to many different types of bloggers, so diverse is the blogosphere 😀
    Have a wonderful evening and weekend ahead,

  26. Diane said

    Colin – you are so kind, thank you so much! You totally deserve all these awards you receive because you are so generous.

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