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Across The Universe

Posted by cotojo on February 4, 2008


I’ve been tagged by  Chris from We’re Living Well and Claudette from Claudette: Lacylulu’s mama with this Across the Universe Day. Here are the details from the Chris’s site:

Today, February 4, 2008, at 00:00 GMT (7:00 p.m. New York /EST), NASA will beam the Beatles’ “Across The Universe” to the star Polaris, 431 light years away (that’s 431 years travel at the speed of light before our all-time favorite Beatles song reaches the 2.5 quadrillion miles away star). This is being done to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the song, the 45th anniversary of NASA’s Deep Space Network, an international network of antennas that supports missions to explore the universe, and the 50th anniversary of NASA.

Across the Universe
NASA has invited people around the world to play “Across the Universe” on their audio systems at the same time NASA beams its mp3 version into outer space. The idea was hatched by Beatles’ historian Martin Lewis, who encourages all Beatles fans to play the track as it is being beamed to the distant star. Additionally, this date will be known as “Across the Universe Day”. The event marks the first time a radio song has been beamed into deep space.

Join the celebration!
Bloggers, let’s do this! This blog got the track ready.  Feel free to join in.

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8 Responses to “Across The Universe”

  1. cotojo said

    Maryt – UH OH….I know absolutely zilch/diddly squat/nothing about Groundhogs but will give it a go all the same LOL
    Have a great week,

  2. maryt said

    Colin, I’ve tagged you with the “Love/Hate Groundhog” meme. Come by my blog Work of the Poet to see what it’s all about. Of course you don’t have to do it! 🙂

    I like the Across the Universe Day idea! I won’t be at my computer at 7 this evening though… Good luck!

  3. cotojo said

    Max – LOL….I’m terrible hahahaha, especially with my humor 🙂
    I dread to think what the aliens might think of the lyrics…they’re probably thinking OMG…they’re coming to take us away haha to the funny farm LOL
    I will have meme up tomorrow have got a list of victims ready, I’m sure they wil be pleased to read that!
    Have a wonderful week my friend,

    PS: I will drop by and let you know when I post and also copy your button to my buttons page 😀

  4. Colin,

    LOL LOL I agree with you: Aliens are already here! LOL *nodding*…
    LOL Well, as far as I am concerned you don’t have to participate unless you want to; but I understand what you mean, cause everytime I drop by I only find memes and awards LOL…

    NASA kills me *nodding*! What if the Aliens find the Beatles’ music offensive and then decide to attack us? LOL I mean, we don’t know what the lyrics may mean in their language, right? LOL LOL…

    Colin, you are amazing, my friend: great sense of humour :)!


  5. cotojo said

    Mary Ann – Maybe they should just try it on the streets and see what crawls out of the woodwork LOL
    Hey, ET & Co. may prefer Beethoven or Back…who knows 😀

    Take care my dear friend,
    Hugs to you,

  6. cotojo said

    Max – Hey thanks for dropping by my friend 🙂
    Well, basically NASA are hoping to get some sort of reply from Deep Space…who knows what’s out there? But then, looking around me I think the aliens are already here hahahaha
    I think I will have to change my blog name to either ‘The Tags Blog’ or ‘The Awards Blog’ 😀
    What do you think LOL
    I will pop over soon and see what I have got myself roped into now 🙂
    Have agreat day,

  7. Mary Ann said

    I can’t help but wonder if NASA is expecting some sort of a reply and when they’ll get a reply if at all. I’m now also wondering what will happen if the alien beings decide that they really prefer listening to The Stones over listening to the Beatles?

    [just an alien from Roswell…]

  8. Hey Colin,

    I also heard about this NASA enterprise, but I have a question: what is the music beam suppose to do? What will exactly occur?

    Anyway, I came to tag you:


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