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Santa’s Blog Of The Month

Posted by cotojo on January 31, 2008

Santa's Blog of the Month

Wow……what a complete shock and surprise this was to learn that I had won Santa’s Blog of The Month for January.

I am most humbled and indeed, very honored to receive such a wonderful award and recognition. 

Special thanks go to those who nominated my blog, all who voted and to all the nominees and participants.

There are so many wonderful blogs that we come across as we travel through the blogosphere and it is a great pleasure to read them and learn more about each other.

There were many wonderful nominations for Santa’s Blog of The Day and this now continues with the start of February. 

So get yourselves over to Santa’s and vote for your Blog of The Day and also enter your nominations too.

The results for January’s Blog of The Month are as follows:

4 Votes


3 Votes

RennyBA’s Terella

2 Votes

Caught in the Stream

The Original Blue Ribbon Bloggers

Maunie James

NoDirectOn (Not: No Direction)

Smile! Tomorrow Could be a lot Worse!

Sameera’s Haven


1 Vote



Julia Aquino

Life with Heathens

Rusin Roundup

Speedcat Hollydale

The Sound of Silence

Sugar Queens Dream

So Cute

Painting Life Yellow

Kabir’s Hood

If We Learn from our Mistakes Why aren’t I a Genius?

My White Window

My View of “It”

Blog Elf

The Painted Veil

Amori, poesie, arte, chat virtuali

Santa’s Community Blog

A Nice Place in the Sun

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