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Verify Your Blog on MyBlogLog

Posted by cotojo on January 22, 2008

MyBlogLog (MBL) have now come up with a solution to stop others interfering with, infecting and taking over others blogs.

It’s called ‘Verify My Site’ and by creating a post with MyBlogLog Verification as the title, MyBlogLog Verificaton in the tags, and entering a piece of code then publish the post then click the link on MBL to verify that it is yours and no one else can access it….all rights remain with the individual only and any co-authors that they may add.

All you have to do is log into MBL, click on your blog name and to the right where it says ‘Authors’ there is now a link called ‘Verify My Site’. Click on this and there is a small piece of code to enter into a new blog post….it must be posted in the html / source or code depending upon which platform you are using.

Open another window and open your blog, create a new post with MyBlogLog Verification as the title, and also as tags/labels and enter the code.

Publish your post, return to the MBL page and then click on ‘Authenticate’  Once it has found your post it will show you that is has been authenticated and you can safely delete the post and your blog on MBL will have a green checkmark beside it.

MyBlogLog Verified Checkmark

This was introduced on Saturday due to the problems that had been created and hopefully it will lead to a safer experience for all of us.

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40 Responses to “Verify Your Blog on MyBlogLog”

  1. cotojo said

    Maria M – You’re most welcome 🙂
    If your site problems continue keep trying the verification, it takes a while sometimes. Any problems just get back to me.
    Have a wonderful day,
    God Bless,

  2. Maria M. said

    Thank you so much to telling me, I have a problem to my site too…but I wish is gonna be okey and Thank you so much to telling us…I trying to do it again .but thank to let me know how to do it one by one..Have a good day and GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU …
    Maria M

  3. cotojo said

    Tammy – I have emailed you with some details.
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Tammy said

    I’m confused! How could someone access my blog without my password? Could you email me at and eplain this to me. Thanks!

  5. cotojo said

    AngelBaby – You’re most welcome dear friend 😀
    Usually it’s a quick process, but in some cases it takes a little longer. Pleased it is done though 🙂

    Love and Blessings to you,

  6. Angelbaby said

    Thank You Colin,

    Your the best! I did it. It was soooo easy and verified in just a few seconds.

    Love and Blessings,

  7. cotojo said

    Billy – Sadly there is a lot of it going on at the moment and my hands are pretty occupied with helping others to sort out their hacked blogs 😦
    This is one positive step toward protecting them 🙂
    Have a great day buddy,

  8. cotojo said

    Norm – Oh wow, Thank you so much…I will pick it up shotlry 🙂
    Have a great day my dear friend,

  9. cotojo said

    Mary Ann – You’re most welcome 🙂
    I will pop over and have a peep lol.
    Have a wonderful day my dear friend,

  10. cotojo said

    Norm – thank you my friend I’ll pop over and have a look 🙂
    have a great day,

  11. A friend of mine just said she was Hacked by somebody on MBL – i will direct her to yer Post Colin*
    ;)) Peace*

  12. Norm said

    another award for you colin! here

  13. saboma said

    Got ‘er done, Sir, and thank you for the shout about it.
    Please drop in for a sec at Maryannaville, k? I read a post that mentioned your name.

  14. Norm said

    Hi Colin! I have compliments tag for you in my site in

  15. cotojo said

    Shoshana – It sounds as though you are doing it right, posting into ‘code’ and then publish. Sometimes it takes a while, I have verified 3 of my blogs so far but another one I am still trying to authenticate
    So hang in there and leave the post on your blog, go back to MBL now and then, click on your blog then click ‘Verify my site’ and then ‘Authenticate’
    As it’s new they may be getting bombarded, so it may take a little while, just perservere with it 🙂

    Colin xoxoxo

  16. cotojo said

    Marzie – You’re most welcome my dear friend 🙂
    oooooooh a cartoon character….sounds like fun LOL
    Will check it out,
    Love & Hugs to you,

  17. Shoshana Rose said

    I tried it again Colin and again it did not work 😦 Perhaps I am doing it wrong? I copied the code and pasted it into the code section of the post on my wordpress blog. I put MyBlogLog Verification in the post title, then published. Am I missing any steps?



  18. Hey Colin, thanks for the post! I didn’t know about this, must get my blogs verified asap!

    Also, I tagged u with a meme, come share ur cartoon character with me, have fun!

  19. cotojo said

    Lisa – Yes it is cool…although it doesn’t always work the first time, so you have to keep trying.
    New video tutorial added too 🙂
    Have a great evening ,
    Cheers! Clink!

  20. cotojo said

    Maunie – yes my friend you should Verify your blog 🙂
    Have added a short video tutorial which explains it better.
    Take care my dear friend,

  21. Sophiagurl said

    hey this is cool will check it out. thank you my friend for always looking out for us here in the blogosphere. Cheers! Clink! =)

  22. should I verify my post when all this is over? I have forgotten how to get to vista…your very dopey friend…………maunie

  23. cotojo said

    Shoshana – Have left a comment on your post, if you read that it should help, if not just get back to me 🙂
    Colin xoxoxox

  24. cotojo said

    Sue – Once in MBL you need to click on each blog individually, and where it shows Authors there are 2 links there, one to Add co-author and below that Verify your site.
    Just click the link and follow the instructions 🙂
    have a great day my dear friend,

  25. cotojo said

    Ramon – Hello my friend, I will put together a video with a step by step for all to follow 🙂
    I will let you know when it is done.
    Have a great day,

  26. cotojo said

    Trinity – Hello and welcome to my humble blog 🙂
    Hope that you find it simple enough to get Verification done.
    Any problems just get back to me 🙂
    Have a great day,

  27. Shoshana Rose said

    I did as you said and posted the html link in a blog post last night, but when I click on the authenticate button on MBL, it kicks back a red alert that says the link was not found! Grr!
    Can you help me?


  28. Sueblimely said

    Thanks for this info – I have been into MBL today and did not notice anything about it.

    You are a recipient of the inaugural Blogging Mentor Award 🙂

  29. pmonchet said

    Hello Colin, this is great. but I really have a problem regarding these kind of stuff. Maybe mauinejames and I have something in common. :=)

  30. trinity said

    Halooo… I come here from Amel… I’ll check it…

  31. cotojo said

    Eric – You’re welcome, it’s definitely worth doing just to add that bit of extra security to your blog 🙂
    Have a great evening my friend,

  32. Speedcat said

    Thanks Colin, I’ll go check it out!

  33. cotojo said

    Carol – You’re most welcome 🙂
    Yes it is a pain in the butt, hopefully it will also make our blogs safer from those intent on tampering with them!
    Have a great day,

  34. Carol said

    Thanks Colin. Doing it now. What a pain in the butt that we have to do this now.

  35. cotojo said

    Maunie – Yes of course we can, no problem…we will sort it somehow 🙂
    Take care dear friend,
    Colin xx

  36. Sorry Colin I knew you were tired and let you off the hook…I can’t even change my password because the one they showed they said is not mine…maybe we can try again tomorrow if your up for it…didn’t mean to be such a pain in the neck…Maunie

  37. cotojo said

    Sandee – My pleasure, it’s certainly one worth doing and MBL haven’t given it much publicity so I gave it a helping hand 😀
    Have a wonderful day my friend,

  38. Thanks for the tip. I went over and did that. Awesome. Have a great day Colin. 🙂

  39. cotojo said

    Amel – You’re most welcome my friend 🙂
    Yes I thought it was important enough to warrant a post about it to let others know.
    Have a wonderful day,

  40. Amel said

    Hey, this is pretty important info, Colin! THANKS for sharing!!! I’ll go check it out soon and do it he he he he…

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