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Santa’s Blog of The Day – 20th January

Posted by cotojo on January 20, 2008

Today I found out that I had been awarded with Santa’s ‘Blog of The Day’ Award.  Thank you Santa and my heartfelt gratitude goes to those who voted for me and to whoever nominated my blog.  This was a very pleasant surprise and also a great honor.

Santa's Blog of the Day Award
I am very honored and humbled to have recieved this award for a second time, the first one being on January 7thAll awards are very special and it is a very humble experience to be accorded this award and to join the ranks of some very illustrious bloggers.  Thank you all 🙂
Please visit here to vote or nominate your favorite blog for this Award

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10 Responses to “Santa’s Blog of The Day – 20th January”

  1. cotojo said

    Hanna – La ringrazio Angel
    Farò questo uno appena posso … solo perché è lei se lol.
    Questo dovrebbe essere divertente:)
    Baci e abbracci,

  2. hanna said

    Hey Ctj!
    I have one tag for you
    Best wishes to Yer happiness!;0)

  3. cotojo said

    Hanna – Io sono sempre tanti pingbacks da Italia è sorprendente!
    Questa è la creazione di una vera comunità globale che è il disegno più blogger e da molti altri paesi.
    Ho alcuni riconoscimenti a portata di mano-out più tardi, per cui anche alcuni di questi mano ai blogger italiani come hanno fatto un ottimo lavoro così a partecipare: o)
    Sono famosi? No, ho solo blog e di creare un collegamento lol hahahaha
    Baci e baci caldo mio dolce angelo

  4. hanna said

    Ciao Colin!
    Il Tuo blog è il fulcro del nostro gruppo (300 link)
    Bisognerebbe però votare altri blog che non hanno mai vinto e sono molto bravi ;0)
    Tanto Tu sei gia famoso!
    Ti ringraziano tutti e ti stimano!
    cool, baci abbracci

  5. cotojo said

    Carol – Thank you so very much 🙂
    I will pop over tomorrow and update my Peace Train List too…I haven’t been able to get on for several days 😦
    Take care my dear friend,
    Hope all is well,

  6. Carol said

    Congrats Colin you are so deserving of this Award!

  7. cotojo said

    Maunie – Have emailed you my dear friend, can’t seem to get an answer from you on MBL.
    Check mail and get back to me and we will see what the problem is and then see if we can sort it for you :o)
    Take care,

    ps: emailed it to one you just sent LOL….see, you need a mini me in your pocket hahaha

  8. I can’t figure out what is feel I’m in another pickle I would like to get back to my site but it seems impossible…I truly don’t want to start over yet again…and now
    some of the stuff I have been writing is not posted…any suggestions dear friend? I’ll return to find answers…HELP

  9. cotojo said

    Maunie – Thank you so much my dear friend 🙂
    Yes I’m fine…honest LOL, just trying to catch up on everything and trying to contact you on MBL but without success at the moment 😦
    Let me know what is happening?
    Take care dear friend, good to see you back too 🙂

  10. You so deserve this do so much for other’s a pleasure to vote for you…are you sure your okay..even with computer problems you don’t sound the same..whatever…

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