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Bloggers for Peace – Join the Peace Train and Stand United

Posted by cotojo on January 9, 2008

 Hop On The Peace Train
Carol of My View of “It” started this new Peace Train. Here’s what Carol said about this: “It is the start of the New Year. Bush is still in Office, we are still at War. I can no longer sit idly by without letting the World know that I am opposed to War and can only think of one way to spread this message. Won’t you join me by placing a badge in the sidebar (or somewhere on your site) to let the world know that we are United against the War and looking for Peace in this the New Year?”

You can leave a comment at this post on Carol’s blog My View of “It” when you join and you will be listed there. You can pick up the Peace Train Link List and the badge at Carol’s blog, or you may use the alternate ones in the scroll box at Bloggers for Peace: Join the Peace Train , or you can create your own if you like. Do regularly check Carol’s Peace Train to update your link list!

Join the Peace Train:

My View of “It”Our Hep ChatMy Reviews and Finds Along the WayBeth Allen II Writing 5 to 9 Positive CommunicationNoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)Additional BlogLOveBlue Ribbon BloggersOgenDicht/EyesClosedThe Painted VeilSanta’s Community BlogTwisted SisterlaketreesPoeARTicaNew England Lighthouse TreasuresObservations From the Back 40Lynda LehmannSuch Simple PleasuresLifePrints – Good News for a More Compassionate World Blogging SueblimelyLifeAmori, poesie, arte, chat virtualiAngela’s Art DiaryLavender Loft A to Z BloggingPERIPHERAL VISION – Inner Sights by Lynda LehmannSue’s ViewsJourney of A Spirited StriderMy JournalHappy TilerBinding InkEveryday LifeOzlife BeginsKikay-SiteNetGolden-eBooks BlogRants and RamblingsThe Creativity in MePhilip Edson1,000 Faces of Mother HennaA Peace Of… •  Shoshana’s Diary Of A DancerAll About Healthirvine in the sky with diamondsIllustration Friday Kids!outside the box twisted thoughts within my four brick walls…A Desert GardenLunatic Lodge

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20 Responses to “Bloggers for Peace – Join the Peace Train and Stand United”

  1. cotojo said

    Renato – Vale a pena ver que o meu amigo e prazer que você tem também aderiram Carol’s Peace treinar. Vou começar em torno de atualizar minha lista novamente em breve.
    Seu blog é excelente leitura e me deixou um comentário lá para você 😀
    Faça blogs não Wars!
    Paz e Bênçãos para você,

  2. Hello Colin,

    How are you my dear friend? Hope you remember me. I’m aboard of Carol’s Peace Train on My View of “It”! I don’t speak and I don’t write in English. I believe in the power of prayer, then I dedicated myself in a time and worked hard to comment and to divulge this cause. This movement for Peace is really wonderful. It’s a Fabulous Project and encouraged myself to write my first post in English. Please, check it at url I’ll appreciate if you drop some comment. I always pray for a better Place, a better World. No war!

    I already added your site logo and link into my site.

    Peace + GOD bless!
    Your Brazilian Friend from Blogging to Fame,
    Renato de Trindade

  3. cotojo said

    Shosana – Pleasure to meet you and add you to the Peace Train 🙂
    Thank you for your visit and comment, hope to see you around more often.
    Have a wonderful week,
    MUAH back at ya
    Colin xoxoxo

  4. […] blog of mine was tagged today by Colin, but it appears that my Diary of a Dancer was already on carolsplaceforpeace blog post […]

  5. shoshana said

    Thanks for the tag, darling! I’ll be spreadin’ the word–



  6. cotojo said

    Jackie – The code works on blogger too, I’ve installed it for a few and it’s fine, any problems let me know 🙂
    Now that I have a new modem I am catching up and need to update my list too as well as respond to many comments LOL
    Have a wonderful day dear friend 😀

  7. shinade said

    Oh Colin I do so hope the code will work on blogspot too. I signed up quite a while ago. But I need to either do an updated list from over to Carol’s or try your code. I hope it works on Blogger:) Thanks for the remind!!~jackie

  8. cotojo said

    Norm – Hello my friend, great to have you aboard 🙂
    I will add your link to the scroll boxes I have now added to post and sidebar.
    Have a wonderful day, take care,

  9. Norm said

    Hello! good morning I join the peace train here

  10. […] Bloggers for Peace – Join the Peace Train and Stand United […]

  11. cotojo said

    Sue – Thank you 🙂
    I guess that means I have to sit in the middle hahaha, have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

  12. Sueblimely said

    Welcome aboard, Colin. I bags a window seat 🙂

  13. cotojo said

    Ciao Hanna, Benvenuti a bordo del Peace Train, solo i migliori qui lol. Intende aggiungere il tuo link ad esso 🙂
    Ricordati di andare a Carol’s sito e lasciate che il suo sapere che hai unito
    Poi devo andare a vedere mia figlia: D
    Baci e abbracci

  14. hanna said

    Ciao Cotojo!
    I’m in..
    still voyage!
    train-love, train-peace,train-linky….
    choo choo..
    have you a great company!

  15. cotojo said

    If you go to HERE you will also find the image and html codes.
    Alternatively left click the image, SaveAs then upload to your image host.
    Hope this helps 🙂
    Have a great day,

  16. cotojo said

    Kim – Thanks for the add to the Peace train 🙂
    I will pass on your Birthday wishes to my little miss in a few hours when I see her. I’m sure she will have agreat day, once school is over anyway lol.
    Take care my friend,
    Colin :=X

  17. Hi Colin,

    I tried to save the logo from the Peace Train, to put it on my site, but for some reason, could not. I’m still technically challenged, I guess! Any ideas?

  18. laketrees said

    hi Colin
    I have just added you to my Peace Train…
    Happy Happy Birthday to your daughter 🙂 :)…have a wonderful wonderful day with her…
    :=X Kim

  19. cotojo said

    Norm – You’re most welcome, no problem at all 🙂
    Have a great day and take care,

  20. Norm said

    thanks for voting me daily colin! take care and have a nice day

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