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I Won Kim’s Christmas Competition

Posted by cotojo on January 7, 2008

Kim Barker, the award winning portrait artist, of Laketrees ran a Christmas Competition with a prize of a Portrait for the winner.  The competition ran from the end of October through to 21st December, when the winner was announced.

Well….I was the winner and on my Birthday too! What a wonderful present!

I was so surprised and want to thank all that voted for me by leaving comments.

I have chosen to have a portrait of my daughter, who is much better looking than me lol, and it will also be a nice surprise for her to be immortalised in this way.

This Thursday it is my daughters 15th Birthday, so  I shall be travelling to see her and to take her out for a meal, as I always do.  She picks the venue, I pay the bill lol.  I will also take some photo’s to forward to Kim for the portrait.

So Thank You Kim, and Thank You to all who passed comment 🙂


24 Responses to “I Won Kim’s Christmas Competition”

  1. cotojo said

    RennyBA – It’s never late and thank you so much 🙂
    I’m sure that Kim will keep us posted and hopefully her shoulder problems will soon be sorted.
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead my friend,
    Take care,

  2. RennyBA said

    Sorry I’m late, but Congrats and you’ve made a good choice. I know Kim have trouble with her shoulder, but hope she keeps us all posted when her portrait drawing is done.

  3. cotojo said

    Judy – Thank you so very much 🙂
    You are so right that it is the ‘little imperfections in us are the perfections that make us the special people we truly are’, and with children it’s being able to capture those moments and treasure them 🙂
    Have a wonderful day my friend,
    Hugs to you,

  4. Judy said

    Congratulations Colin! I thought of entering that contest. I would have loved to get my Grand Daughter Bella’s picture done when her little eyes still crossed. I know that sounds weird but the little imperfections in us are the perfections that make us the special people we truly are…
    Good for you Colin!
    Hugs, Judy

  5. cotojo said

    Bobby – It is a wonderful present and one that will last for generations to come 😀
    Kim is so talented and I’m sure the portrait will be awesome.
    Have a great day my friend,
    Take care,

  6. cotojo said

    Jackie – Thank you so very much 🙂
    We will have a great time and I’m sure she will enjoy her birthday, she likes the idea of Dad treating her to a meal out as long as the Bank of Dad is open hahaha.
    Many are sending her Birthday Wishes which will please her 🙂
    Have a wonderful day my dear friend,
    God Bless,

  7. cotojo said

    Marzie – Thank you my dear friend 🙂
    She is adorable, but I’m biased lol
    have a great day,
    Hugs and love to you,

  8. cotojo said

    Carol – Thank you so much 🙂
    It was a very pleasant surprise winning this one and my daughter will be thrilled I’m sure.
    Take care my friend,

  9. Hi Colin! That really is a wonderful present. Kim is an incredible artist and I can’t wait to see the finished portrait!!!

  10. shinade said

    Oh I just knew you would win this one. Your entry was just simply so touching and endearing. I hope you two have a fabulous time together and make sure you let her know just how many of us are sending her a great big Happy Birthday!!

  11. Wow! Congrats on winning Colin! Your daughter is adorable!! 🙂

  12. Carol said

    Congrats again on yet another Award. No one does it quite like you 🙂

  13. cotojo said

    Lisa – Thank you, yes she will break a few hearts no doubt lol
    I’ll pass on your Birthday Wishes when I see her 🙂
    God Bless my dear friend,

  14. Sophiagurl said

    Congratulations Colin and your daughter looks really lovely. Wow so i bet there’s a big celeb on Thursday. God bless you my dear friend and Happy Birthday to the little miss.

  15. cotojo said

    Diane – Thank you so much 🙂
    All I have to do now is to get a nice photo of her hahaha, so I will do that on Thursday hopefully. She gets a little camera shy, so I have to just pick my moment 😀
    Have a great week,

  16. cotojo said

    Hanna – Grazie, sì lei è molto carina e si spezza il cuore a pochi penso lol
    Hanno una splendida settimana il mio dolce amico,
    Abbracci e baci

  17. cotojo said

    Kim – I’m sure we will have a superb time 🙂
    Hope your shoulder gets better soon, I know it’s no fun….I’m still waiting for mine to be sorted, 11 months down the line and still waiting lol.
    Happy Belated New Year to you too my dear friend, hope that it’s a wonderful year for you 😀

  18. Diane said

    Your beautiful daughter will be a great inspiration for Kim to make a beautiful portrait. I’m sure you will love it – congratulations!

  19. hanna said

    Bellissima bimba!

  20. laketrees said

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter Colin 🙂
    I have had a shoulder injury before Christmas…so all of my New Year Plans are on hold atm….
    I’m looking forward to getting the photos of your daughter…and will probably start it in February….when I get my arm(S) #$%@ out of the way…..
    Happy Belated New Year 🙂
    *waves* @ MA

  21. cotojo said

    Mary Ann – It’s a quiet day today lol..even for me but it has given me the opportunity to do some catching up 😀

  22. saboma said

    No red X for me, fella. There isn’t much happening on the net, I reckon, and when it’s like that, Google reader posts are adante.

  23. cotojo said

    Mary Ann – Thank you so much 😀
    Hey you were quick…you standing on the red X again hahaha
    Kim will do a wonderful portrait which I am absolutely certain my daughter will be delighted with 🙂

    Hugs my dear friend, have a wonderful day,

  24. saboma said

    Congrats, Colin, it really pleases me to read the great news that you won the contest. Moreover, I’m sure that Kim will make both you and your daughter very proud with her skillfully honed craft.

    Again, congratulations, kiddo!

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