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7 Weird Things About Me Tag

Posted by cotojo on December 30, 2007

7 weird things about me tag from Lolli of So Cute Lovely pixels  and Joy of Life Begins at Oz

Here are the rules:

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.  Tag seven ( I’ve done a few more lol)  random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.  Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.

Now, I tag  the following:

Sandee – Comedy Plus, Max – MAX, Ann – A Nice Place in the Sun, Marzie – Mariuca, Mauro – 1 Million Love Messages … , Mel – Attitude, the Ultimate Power, Adrian – First Time Dad, Judy –Sugar Queens Dream, Sindi –Life is a roller coaster!, Rodney – Mental Poo , AmeliaAmel’s Realm, Lynda – Lynda’s Loft, Kesa – Little Aussie Cynic, Juliana – Juliana’s Site, Karen – Grow Rich Along With Me, Michelle – Rusin Roundup, Eric – SpeedcatHollydalePage, Stacy – My Thoughts, Jason –

7 weird / random things about me
1. I use an eraser every day to make all my mistakes disappear.
2. I carry a million dollar note so I’ll never be broke.
3. I have an elastic band to stretch myself beyond my limits.
4. A piece of string handy to tie things together when everything falls apart!
5. A marble in my pocket so when I lose my marbles I always have a replacement handy.
6. I keep a catupult handy just in case any visitors get past the landmines and razor wire.
7. I am an excellent cook…I can cremate anything beyond recognition.

Smile! Tomorrow could be worse!
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26 Responses to “7 Weird Things About Me Tag”

  1. cotojo said

    Amel – Wow, brilliant 🙂
    I’ll pop over and have a peep lol.
    Happy New Year, hope it’s a great one,

  2. cotojo said

    Adrian – An extra marble is a definite bonus lol
    Have fun when you get to doing it:)
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2008 🙂

  3. Amel said

    HAPPY New Year, Colin!

    I’ve finally done this meme. Hope you enjoy reading it!!! Here’s the link:

    7 Weird Things About Me

  4. Genie King said

    An extra marble! Sounds like a good idea! LOL in this crazy world I think we all need extra marbles!! :):) Thanks for this fun tag Chef Colin! Will get to it as soon as time permits! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  5. cotojo said

    Rodney – I did similar ones a while back too lol, they just go round in circles 🙂
    Have a great day and Happy New Year, all the best for 2008,

  6. moooooog35 said

    Ah, crap. I did this a while ago…

    I’ll probably update it, though, at some point…as I’m SURE I could come up with seven more stupid things…

    Stupid things about me back up almost as fast as my sperm.

    Here’s the original link to mine:

  7. cotojo said

    Marzie – It’s a fun tag lol
    Yes I can cook, used to be a head chef and when i get the time I will be adding some recipes here 🙂
    Love and hugs,

  8. Thanks for the tag Colin! Excellent cook huh? Let’s see some of ur speciality dishes here one day! Love and hugs! 🙂

  9. cotojo said

    Hanna – Thank you so much, it has been used in many places 🙂
    Tomorrow an even bigger one hahahaha.
    Link Love for even more.
    Felice anno nuovo
    Abbracci e baci

  10. cotojo said

    Max – Thanks for dropping by 🙂
    No problem with tag, there are so many going around and I’ve done similar to this in the past few months too lol.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year too, have a great one.

  11. cotojo said

    Stacy – You’re welcome, it’s always nice to find other blogs 🙂
    This is an easy meme, but I made mine more tongue in cheek rather than serious hahaha
    I lost my marbles years ago so I have to keep a spare handy 🙂
    Happy New Year and hugs to you too,

  12. Hello Colin!

    Thanks for having tagged me :)! However I have already completed this meme:

    Still, thanks for having thought of me :)!

    I wish you a Happy New Year!!!!


  13. stacy said

    Hi Colin
    Thank you for stopping by my blog I always Like to see new readers. I would love to do this Meme I’ll have to ponder over what to write HE!!HE!! cuz you had some really good anserws on yours. I really like the marble one I need to do that cuz I feel like I’m loseing mine all the time:) and Happy New Year to you and hugs:)

  14. cotojo said

    Sindi – Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    I’ve done similar to this one before but I thought ‘well, why not?’ lol
    That snowman was brilliant, pity the snow has all gone 😦
    Have a wonderful day, God Bless,

  15. Sindi said

    I have done this tag before, but I may just do it again because you made me chuckle when I read yours. Thanks for stopping by mt blog and I am glad you liked the giant snowman. Sorry, I can not send you any snow because it has all melted here but I am going to try and add a video of the snow falling to my blog. I just have to figure out how to do it. God Bless

    Sindi 🙂

  16. cotojo said

    Sandee – LOL, I found your comment in amongst the spam….that’s not a good way the end the year 😦
    No problem as you have done it before, I know the feeling well, and yes the eraser comes in very handy 🙂
    Have a wonderful day,

  17. hanna said

    Hey! COLIN Richards!
    if you know, it’s love-roll-link is the merit yours!
    three days of hard,stubborn work!
    And now all blogosphere they use yours 200 link!!
    Bravo Colin…
    you making a monument!
    Happy New Year!

  18. cotojo said

    Amel – I know what you mean, I’ve done several like this too, so no problem at all 🙂
    Everyone likes my little piggy, I think he’s kind of cute lol
    Have a wonderful and Happy New Year,

  19. cotojo said

    Ann – Yes it is a fun one lol…I have amillion dollar note here somewhere lol, I’ll have to get a pic of it hahahaha.
    I don’t know about being a hard act to follow, I just decided to make it a bit of fun too lol.
    Happy New year to you too….got post ready for tomorrow 🙂


  20. Amel said

    THANKS for visiting my blog and tagging me, Colin, but I actually have to think HARD on this one since I’ve done this type of meme three times already ha ha ha ha ha ha…so you’ll have to wait for a while, OK?

    Nice piggy. My hubby’s a piggy in Chinese horoscope and sometimes I tease him about his being MY pig HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…

    Hope you’re gonna have a WONDERFUL New Year! ;-D

  21. You’re right Colin, this one looks like fun. I love your answers. Is there such a thing as a million dollar note? (LOL)

    Thanks for thinking of me. I’ll get to work on this as soon as possible, except you’re a mighty hard act to follow~

    Happy early new year~ :))


  22. cotojo said

    Mel – Nice easy one lol…wish I had a little more time to add pics etc, but time is beating me so I decided to add my little piggy pal 🙂

    Have a great day my friend,

  23. cotojo said

    Allison – Thank you for your visit and comment 🙂
    I have an excellent eraser lol…I need it hahaha. Now are you certain that the bite marks in your “Staedtler Mars Plastic” eraser are not your own and the kid or dog is a good cover up lol.

    Have a great day and Happy New Year in advance.

  24. powerkis said

    Very cute. You are right this looks fun and easy.

  25. Allison said

    Since erasers are an important part of your life, I hope you have a good one. I couldn’t live without my “Staedtler Mars Plastic” eraser. Currently, it has a couple of bite marks in it…not sure if it was the kid or the dog.

  26. Hi Colin. I just did this tag on November 25th. So, I’ll pass this time. Keep tagging me though. I love all your responses, but especially the eraser. That would be very handy. Have a great day. 🙂

    Here’s the link to my 7 Things About Me post.

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