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What is in MY Pocket?

Posted by cotojo on December 29, 2007

Eric, who can be found skulking around on a golf course somewhere or over at SpeedCatHollydale, has tagged me with ‘What’s in My Pocket’.

Unlike him, I don’t have enough to fill several large suitcases lol.

Eric wrote: it’s what’s on the inside that counts! is a tag from josey’s silly go lucky . josey does not capitalize (i don’t know why) so i won’t either on this post! the tag is to show your wallet / purse and what is inside. i do not carry a wallet. what is in my pocket is it!!! i carry no credit cards because i just shouldn’t. a com check will fix any problem that arises, and i always purchase with cash.

So….. what is in my pocket? oops, there was a capitalization – he hee!!

So…what’s in my pocket you may well ask….

What's in My Pocket?

As old Speedy has tagged just about everyone I won’t tag anyone with this, but if you want to do it then feel free, just leave a comment and link back please.

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10 Responses to “What is in MY Pocket?”

  1. cotojo said

    Eric – It’s a very old comb, almost an antiquity lol…sometimes I wish my hair was like wire wool hahahaha
    Maybe it’s time to invest in a new comb or a new head of hair 🙂
    Technorati? I think they are on a bungee rope the way it goes up and down lol
    Catch you later my friend,

  2. Colin! You are fast like lightning, and have COOL things… HERE is what I know about thumb drives ” “. LOL!! Not much.
    By the looks of your comb, your hair is thick like steel wool. Take the pocket money and get a new one 🙂

    Thanks for playing along, I will be doing the tag ^^^above^^^ this afternoon.

    Almost 2008, my Technorati should be down to 7 by then… he heeeeeee!!!!!
    See you soon – Eric

  3. cotojo said

    Maunie – LOL I think the other pockets are more entertaining hahahaha


  4. cotojo said

    Lolli – Thank you 🙂
    My card wallet contains medic alert info and driving licence, nothing amazing lol.
    Car is a Citreon C4 VTR+ Coupe…nice drive too.
    Happy New year to you too.

  5. hmmm that really does sound interesting…

  6. Lolli said

    cool stuff colin, i like your card wallet 🙂
    btw, were same car i think i can see in your key chain 🙂
    haapy new year!

  7. cotojo said

    Maunie – Ah but that was only my clean pocket…in the others there are several used kleenex tissues, but the green didn’t match the page, boxes of imperial mints, catapult to keep the enemy at bay, remote controls to make me move, spare batteries for the remotes and much, much more….no wonder trousers are down to my ankles with all that weight lol


  8. I would be horrified if someone looked in my pocketbook..there is my of kids..little bag for emergency make-up..and it’s all an emergancy..directions to someplace we didn’t end up going to in Conneticut…packet of cough drops..some old gum…and some kind of mint stuck in the bottem..and that’s just on one side…lol

  9. cotojo said

    Sandee – Only neat and tidy with pocket contents hahaha, everywhere else is a mess at the moment 🙂
    Car and house keys are the only ones I keep on a ring, although i have others but they are the ones I use the most….specially the key to the front door when they think they have safely locked me in hahahaha.
    Take care and have a wonderful day,

  10. My, you are neat and tidy. Your key ring is something I must show my husband. He has so many keys on his ring and he will admit that some of them he has no idea what they lock and/or unlock. Have a great day Colin. 🙂

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