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A Best Friend Award – Twice

Posted by cotojo on December 17, 2007

Best Friends AwardMy dearest friend Maunie from Maunie James and my dear friend Sandy G from At Your Service have both honored my humble blog with this beautiful Best Friends Award.

Now, being who I am I am going to do something completely out of character…as if LOL.

I have recently been given the honor by Gracie Belle of co-authoring on the Blue Ribbon Bloggers, so I am going to pass this award on to all of my fellow co-authors, many of whom I know and those I don’t I am sure I will soon get to know 🙂

They are:

**Ann – Admin  **Jeane Michelle – Admin  **Jos – Admin  *Anndi  *Beth Allen  *Bob  *Bond  *Bud  *Carol  *Chesca  *Christy  *Deborah  *Dixie  *Drew  *Elizabeth  *EmmyRose  *Ev Nucci  *Gale Martin  *Georganna  *Graciel  *Janice  *Joey  *Judy  *Karl/Frogster  *Kathleen  *Kimberly  *Lady Rose  *Lillie Ammann  *Linda  *Lynda  *Mark  *Maunie James  *Meghan  *Michelle Dyer  *Mimi Lenox  *Nihal  *Pendullum  *Polliwog  *Sam Chan  *Santa Claus  *Shinade  *Tish  *Walks Far Woman  Dan  Linda Raven Moore

Am I bad or am I bad, more link love 🙂

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Smile..Tomorrow could be worse!


11 Responses to “A Best Friend Award – Twice”

  1. cotojo said

    Ev Nucci – My little piggy is getting quite popular hahahaha.
    He’s real cute isn’t he? 🙂
    Have a great day my friend,

  2. Ev Nucci said

    I’m getting the biggest kick out of laughing at that one!!!!

  3. Ev Nucci said

    Colin, that’s hilarious…I love the pig picture…are you kidding me? How much fun is that? You are making me howl????

  4. cotojo said

    Linda – You’re most welcome and I look forward to learning more about your blog and of course posting on Blue Ribbon Bloggers 🙂

    Have a great week,

  5. That is so cool! Thank you very much. 🙂

  6. cotojo said

    Jos – It’s a lovely pig isn’t it hahaha.
    You’re quite right, twice today lol, and twice previously and handed out on 2 blogs 🙂

    Blue Ribbon – wow was I stunned when I got the invite! Something I certanly never expected, and it is such an honor for me.
    Take care buddy and have a great week,

  7. Jos said

    Great Pig, Colin. And I love that I am getting your “Best Friends Award – Twice”, well, — twice — today 🙂 Thank you, BlueRibbonBuddy!

  8. cotojo said

    Kim – You’re most welcome my friend 🙂
    I have about the same as you of this one but it’s nice to receive them and nicer to pass them along.
    Still got more shopping to do lol,
    Take care and have a great day,

  9. kim said

    thanks colin..this makes number 4 of thhis one… have fun shopping before your daughter shows up in a few days….happy holidays…

  10. cotojo said

    Lillie – You’re most welcome 🙂
    Thank you for dropping by and commenting.
    It sure is a great honor to be among so many wonderful and illustious bloggers on Blue Ribbon Bloggers…..awesome people that they are.
    Have a wonderful week,

  11. Thanks so much! It’s an honor to be among the Blue Ribbon Bloggers.

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