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Archive for December 8th, 2007

Wow More Awards

Posted by cotojo on December 8, 2007

I Like Your BlogPolli from Polliwog’s Pond has graciously awarded me with the I Like Your Blog Award.

It is always humbling to receive such wonderful recognition and every award is special to me.

Thank you so very much Polli.



       I Am A Little NuttyI am a little nutty..

Kim from PurpleFrogCat has awarded me with this ‘I’m a little nutty’ Award and so has Jos of NoDirectOn (NotNoDirection).   Ok guys….I got the message lol.

Well, I guess the truth is out now therefore the other people that I seriously think are a little nutty areand get this awesome award are:  

Deborah – Life In The Fast Lane, Hanna – Amorie,Poesie, Arte, Chat Virtuali,  Genie Princess – Mariuca, Ev Nucci – My Life Is Murphy’s Law, Ann A Nice Place In the Sun



Clean Underpants Award


Eric from SpeedcatHollydale awarded my blog with A Clean Pair of Underpants! 

Have I missed something? Have you been going through my clothes again!

Thank you Eric…I guess an annual change won’t do any harm hahahaha.




Gold Star Award



My Blog Brother Zubli Zainordin author of Book Project gave me this awesome Gold Star Award.  He said:

‘Cotojo is a special blogger, now much a part of my blogging life. It is wonderful to feel there is one unique individual whose heart is more and purer than gold, who cares, and always be there, when in times of need, and when he is not there, he who always come back with a response so nice.

Unknown earlier, far a geographical locations, yet within the bloggosphere, we can unite, much like brothers do.


Thank you so much Zubli, it is a great honor for me and a real pleasure to have met you within the blogosphere, that magical place where there are no borders, no boundaries and no limitations. 

We unite globally as no others can do.  We enjoy peace, harmony and love for each other.

What can I say apart from a great big Thank You to you all for awarding my humble blog with these wonderful awards 🙂 

My sidebar was full to overflowing, so I have now placed all of my Awards Here

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