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meme after meme after meme

Posted by cotojo on November 26, 2007

Ok it’s time for me to play catch-up on memes so I’m going to put them all in this one post…….which could be quite lengthy 🙂

Help!!! What have I let myself in for?

Pre-Christmas Meme
My friend Jesse from Jesse Blogs It All tagged me with this one and so has my buddy Eric from SpeedcatHollydale……apparently he has moles but he doesn’t say if they are burrowing through the golf course or if he’s on about the moles on his bum!
The tag question is: What are the five gifts you would buy for Yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income??…Now I’m supposed to be totally selfish here and that is not going to be easy…so here goes:
1-  A private villa with jacuzzi, spa’s, games rooms, entertainment rooms, hi-tech computer rooms, set in hundreds of acres near the beach located in Mauritius, where I spent a few years as a child.

2- A private jet so that all of my blogging buddies could be picked up and flown out to join me and take full advantage of the white sand, clear blue sea, the finest cuisine by my own chefs.

3-  Host my own ISP including satellite,  so that everyone could have a high speed connection at no cost – especially Jesse and others who struggle with dial up and poor connectivity.

4- I would buy out Microsoft and Google to stop their takeover of the internet and put into place systems that place us all on an equal level, higher security for free with all platforms and none of the Page Rank juggling where it gets plucked out of a hat to see who goes up and who goes down!

5- More Bonsai trees to add to my collection and a conservatory to house them in, split into climate controlled zones so that they would always have the right temperature and humidity.

That’s my five things LOL
Two Things Meme

This one came from my friend Marzie aka GP from Mariuca.
1. Two names I go by: Colin & cotojo

2. Two things I am wearing right now: watch and SOS necklace
3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship: Honesty and faithfulness 
4. Two things I like to do: Blog and collect Limited Edition Zippo Lighters.
5. Two things I want very badly in this moment: A holiday in the sun and my right shoulder to be sorted. 
6. Two things I did last night: Phoned my daughter and finished my ironing.
7. Two things I ate today: Cornflakes and toast 
8. Two persons I last spoke to: My daughter and my Aunt 
9. Two things I am doing tomorrow: Blogging and shopping 
10. Two favourite days of the week: Saturday and Sunday 
11. Two favourite holidays: Christmas and Easter 
12. Two favourite beverages: Coffee  and Green Tea
13. Two things about me that you may not have known: I was born in Malta and I have a spine disease
14. Two jobs that I have had in my life: Soldier and Head Chef/Catering Manager
15. Two movies I would watch over and over: The Green Mile and Miracle on 34th Street 
16. Two places I have lived: Mauritius and Mallorca 
17. Two of my favourite food: Home made curry –  hot & spicy and rich fruit cake
18. Two places I would rather be right now: A holiday in the sun sounds good and visiting relatives in N.Ireland
These poor unfortunates have also been tagged by Mariuca: Spiff, Emila, Rolando, Kim Fei, Morgan, Eric, Colin, Zubli, MT, Bokjae, NAFA, Darlene, Raghav, Melody, Uncle Sam, Bless Bobo Erisha & Haris
Things I Can’t Let Go Of meme
A little while ago I received this “Things I Can’t Let Go” meme from Morgan of The Process of a Miracle who in turn received it from Channel of Healing who received it from Bola from MumsDadsChildrens.
So now I have to let you all know three things I can’t let go of…….
1- My computer…..without it I would not be able to continue blogging and meeting so many amazing people. 
2- My collection of photographs, specifically the ones of my daughter as they are a complete history of her life from when she first came to this world. 
3- The willingness to help others both online and off. 
Morgan also tagged the following victims bloggers with this meme!
Stacie of Where am I going? Who am I? and A Developing Blogger. Stacie is a new blogger who I, like Morgan, recently met and is looking to get more involved with the blogging community…so do us a favor and visit her blogs and show her a little bit of community love….it’s what we are good at, teamwork. 
Denny of Backwoods Drifter because I WANT to know what you can’t let go of! 
Colin from LIFE! Because he always leave me such great feedback and delicious food for thought! 
Jennifer from Life of a School Bus Driver
Sibba from Seeing is Believing

Now…….I’m not going to tag anyone specifically as there are many of you who have already done these…..BUT if you want to do any of these then please feel free to do so 🙂


18 Responses to “meme after meme after meme”

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  3. cotojo said

    Deborah – Wouldn’t it be nice…private jet waiting to take everyone to one destination for a massive party 🙂
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Deborah said

    Well here’s to all 5 of your wishes to come true Colin! I’ll be waiting for the ride in your private jet to enjoy some fun in the sun with you and friends while dining at the hands of your master chef 😉

  5. cotojo said

    Lisa – Yes I thought I could kill 3 birds with one stone LOL…..but now I have more to catch up on hahaha…the price we have to pay 🙂
    Take care, God Bless,

  6. Sophiagurl said

    Wow a triple whammy huh? Loved the post my friend and loved getting to know you more. LOL. I love Miracle on 34th Street too! You did a great job here hitting three birds in one stone. =)

  7. cotojo said

    TeacherJuie – This is only the tip of the iceberg too 🙂
    Now I have to ask myself what I did that was soooo bad hahaha

    Have a great week 🙂

  8. So many memes! At least you know people like you since they send these to you. Or maybe not, 😀

    Have a great week, Colin 🙂

  9. cotojo said

    Maunie – Is that all hahahaha….maybe I will send next meme to you as I have a couple of new ones that I have been tagged with 🙂

    Have a great day..

  10. hmmm…three things about me…1. avid reader…doting Nana.
    new blogger
    3 things I love… of family…friends
    3 fave, foods lobster, roast pork…anything chocolate
    3 things I detest…mean people..envious people…snobs
    3 things people don’t know about me..pushover.fraidy cat..writer

  11. cotojo said

    Bola – Thank you for your visit to my humble blog and for your comment 🙂
    Some of these memes take a little bit of thought lol, but it’s all good fun, and it’s also nice to link to others and keep it going 🙂

    Have a great day,

  12. cotojo said

    Rolando – You’re welcome 🙂
    I updated my blog just before 4am lol and some shopping I need to do locally to restock my larder, especially with my daughter visiting this weekend…..if it’s there she will eat it 🙂

    Have a great day

  13. Great meme,love the one about the private jet, would love to do same too so i can invite all my blogging buddies at no expense to them.Thanks for the link up there.

  14. Rolando said

    Thanks for the tag Colin. I’ll had it to my to-do list, lol. You were doing blogging and shopping? Hope you were shopping online, today would have been the day to do it with all the specials going on. 🙂

  15. cotojo said

    Morgan – thanks needed, I have a few more that I got tagged with yesterday too lol, so will have to see about finding some suitable victims bloggers for them too 🙂

    Have a great week my friend,

  16. morgan said

    Thanks for participating Colin….Liked that you added the crossed out victim part…ha ha

    Have a great week!

  17. cotojo said

    Sandy – Thank you so much LOL….I’ll get on with this one asap so I can start keeping them up-to-date 🙂

    God Bless and have a good week.

  18. Another evil meme comment for Colin: just in case you have a few minutes to spare (ahem!):

    God bless!

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