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WordPress Weblog Award Winner – 16th November

Posted by cotojo on November 16, 2007

Weblogs Award Winner

Another surprise headed my way after my last post…….I have also been awarded the Weblog Award.  What an amazing week this has been as I have also been inducted into the Hall of Fame Blog, which I will post about soon.
Thank you all so very much 🙂

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Be The Blog and Best Blogging Buddies Awards

Posted by cotojo on November 16, 2007

I am honored to receive yet another Be The Blog Award from my friend Chris who authors The Dog Log and Catnip Corner.

Be The Blog

Thank you so much Chris for honoring me with this award 🙂
Mark from Me And My Drum has created this wonderful new blogging badge, Be The Blog, and describes it as “This badge is for bloggers who make their blog their own, stay with it, interact with their readers, and have fun!”
Having received many awards I have decided that it was time I created one for ALL my Blogging Buddies.  You are ALL awesome and contribute to the wonderful global communities that we have all created.  Thank you 🙂
Feel free to pass this along,  all I ask is that all recipients link back to here as the original point of reference.

Best Blogging Buddies Award

It is with delight that I, Colin aka cotojo,  pass this award on to the following:

1-Lisa 2-Kim,  3-Deborah4-Pearl5-Sandy6-Jesse7-Chris,  8-Zubli Zainordin,      9-Santa,  10-Blog Elf11-Jackie12-Marzie13-Adrian14-Jos15-NAFA SG16-Polli17-Sue,   18-Kathy  19-Maartje20-Morgan21-Greg22-MaryAnn23-Eric24-Hawk25-Carol26Diane27-Ev Nucci28-Surjit,   29-Kuanyin30-Christy Z31-Sandee32-Robin33-Hanna34-Maunie35-Kim36-Bobby37-Billy38-David39-Jennifer40-Aryst41-Winston42-Christy43-LilyRuth44-Jess45-Rudy,  46-Lynda,   47-Lili48-Sandy G49-Ange50-BlackWyrm51-Vincent52-Colin & Anne,  53-Blandly Urbane54-Marco55-Mihaela Lica56-John C57-Aziz-sm58-Ugyen59-Lansy60-Alex Badalic61-Victors,   62-Nostalgia Manila 63-Franco Yong 64-Herby65-Rubie66-Santaram & BVK,   67-Jean-david68-Namgay69-Catherine70-Yunita P71-PJ Lighthouse72-Lorimer Black73-Dream Catcher 74-Fred Plimley75-Anja Merret76-Maria Lourdes77-Jon B78-Aayush,  79-Denise80-Dharmendra P81-Brent D82-Jerry & Daryl McCoy83-Brian B84-Calvin Innes,  85-Pieter Marburn86-Jessica Field87-Taflas88-Alex Sysoef89-Norie90-Justin Stanley,  91-Ashish92-David Ledoux93-Thanate Tan94-Kevin95-Etienne96-Gerbera97-Christina,  98-Abhishek d99-Uprai100-Texas_Jam101-Azmiel102-Daniel103-Kristin B104-Luwis105-Adavait106-Now Sourcing107-Buen Amigo108-Kiran Pande109-Peterson Wong110-Lynn111-Chessnoid112-Luis Hipolito113-Joliveira114-Jennifer & Pete115-Team Dog116-Megan117-Mark118-Raivyn,  119-Mel120-Andrea121-Jen / domestika122-Mimi123-Bobo124-Lynda Lehmann125-Dread Bob,  126-Julie,   127-RennyBA,  128-Bobbarama129-Becky130-Magdalena131-Michelle132-Stacie  133-Climate of Our Future Team 134-CashMarble  135-OilOffShoreMarine 136- Jos Additional BlogLove 137-Piper 138-Barbara 139-Ann 140-Deb

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