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Winning Attitude Award 2

Posted by cotojo on November 13, 2007

My good friend and Blog Brother Zubli, author of Who Is Zubli Zainordin, Book Project, Your Wisdom of Total Happiness, The Total Life, Hall of Fame Blog and co-author of Santa’s Community Blog has awarded me with the very prestigious ‘Winning Attitude Award’

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Thank you Zubli 🙂
This is the second time I have received this wonderful award in as many days.
This award was created by Mel at Monday Morning Power, and Mel describes it as:  This award is based on positive thinking and is meant for those blogs who base their existence, in part or in whole, on Positive Winning Attitudes.
I am very pleased to pass this award on to the following bloggers who can pick up the code for this award Here:
Maunie James author of Maunie James
MaryAnn author of Maryannaville
TNT author of Buen Amigo (Life Stories)
David author of The Panther
Maria author of Autism Help Phils
Congratulations to you all, display it with pride on your blogs and thank you for your contribution to the wonderful world of blogging  🙂
Checkout my latest post on  Santa’s Community Blog too 🙂

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12 Responses to “Winning Attitude Award 2”

  1. cotojo said

    Maria – You’re most welcome 🙂
    Hope your Masteral is going well and I wish you every success.
    Sometimes blogging has to wait, there are other things that are important and need to be done.

    Have a wonderful week and take care,

  2. Maria said

    Thanks a lot for the award.Sorry for the late reply.Busy finishing my Masteral.Hardly had time to blog.More power and take care.

  3. cotojo said

    Chris – Wow, what can I say?
    Thank you so very much, I am truly honored to be awarded this amazing award, thank you so much 🙂


  4. cotojo said

    Morgan – Thank you so very much for your kind comment 🙂
    The meaning behind the award makes it quite unique, and I was most surprised to receive the first one let alone a second one!!


  5. morgan said

    I would have to say this is an award that speaks very highly of you. YOU do have a winning attitude and that is why I always receive so much insight from all that you have to say!

    Congrats Colin!

  6. Chris said

    Hi Colin,
    And the awards just keep coming for you….I stopped by to let you know I’ve given you the “Be the Blog” award and you can pick it up at


  7. cotojo said

    TNT – You are most welcome, and it’s a pleaure to be able to pass this award on to you 🙂


  8. cotojo said

    Kim – Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

    It’s always difficult but nice passing on awards without duplicating LOL

    Have a great day 🙂


  9. TNT said

    thx for giving me this wonderful award =) cheers~!

  10. laketrees said

    hi Colin…
    big grats to you and the esteemed company that you have chosen to pass it on to 🙂

  11. cotojo said

    MaryAnn – No thanks needed, you deserve it and many more 🙂

    I think there is half a brain floating around cyberspace somewhere, but if it passes this way I’;; redirect it 🙂

    *Hugs* to you my friend

  12. saboma said

    Top o the day, Colin, and thank you for the prestigious Winning Attitude Award!

    …if I only had a brain. D’ya have any extras that are not being used hanging around somewhere?
    Thank you, Dearheart.


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