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Missing Maddie – Latest News October 23

Posted by cotojo on October 23, 2007

Portuguese detectives are to travel to the UK to re-interview the McCann’s friends who were present when Madeleine went missing.  It is believed that officers from the Leicestershire police will carry out the interviews using questions written by the Portuguese team. 

Those to be re-interviewed are Rachael and Matthew Oldfield, Jane Tanner, Russell O’Brien, David and Fiona Payne, and Mrs Payne’s mother, Dianne Webster. 

Portuguese sources are also saying that DNA found in the car hired by the family after Maddie’s disappearance indicates that a body had been in the vehicle.  Apparently, this was found on the underside of carpet in the boot of the car.  Further testing is still being carried out in the UK by the Forensic Science Services.

It has also been reported that investigators have seized the laptop used by Gerry McCann and that Judge Pedro Frias has given authorisation for them to access the contents, which is required under Portugal’s secrecy laws.  The Judge has also given permission to seize Kate McCann’s diary and other personal items used by the couple.

It is understood that the laptop was loaned to Gerry McCann by a local shop and not his own personal machine.  A spokesman for the family has said that there would only be a few notes and telephone numbers on it and that it had rarely been used.  It has also been reported that Gerry’s own personal laptop, which he took to Portugal, has not been seized.

Meanwhile, police divers and search teams have been searching the forest and isolated villas surrounding the Barragem da Bravura dam.  

A former Scotland Yard Chief has said that the Policia Judiciaria have mishandled the case from the outset.  The apartment was not sealed off and preserved for forensic analysis and many items were removed prior to any forensic tests being done.

Forensic experts have also found that some of the evidence collected had been contaminated by cigarette ash from detectives in the apartment.

Chief Inspector Antonio Teixeira, Portugal’s top murder investigator, has now joined the team in Praia da Luz.  The Policia Judiciaria believe that this shows that this is a murder investigation and that the McCann’s are still the main suspects.

A British DNA expert has stated that had the apartment been sealed at the outset of this investigation, and proper forensic evidence obtained, it may well have proved the McCann’s innocence.  It was also revealed that large rubbish bins around the holiday complex were also emptied as normal on the night of Maddie’s disappearance, and these may have also held some vital clues.


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