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Missing Maddie – Latest News October 12th

Posted by cotojo on October 12, 2007

Portugese police have arrested 80 suspected pedophiles in Portugal as well as seizing 150 computers in the countries biggest ever child exploitation crackdown. 

They are now sifting through tens of thousands of files on the computers in their search for clues.

With a new leader heading the teams investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, there has been a shift in the investigation.

The head of the team, Paulo Rebelo, has also asked for fingerprints and DNA samples to be taken from all UK holidaymaker’s in the resort at Praia da Luz at the time of Maddie’s disappearance. 

German and Dutch police have also been asked to trace holidaymaker’s who were at the resort on May 3rd and to interview them in the hunt for vital clues.

This comes after new evidence of a possible kidnapper was found following the recent reconstruction of events at the holiday apartment by police teams.  The focus now seems to be reverting back to the theory that Maddie was kidnapped on the night of May 3rd. 

The apartment has been unoccupied since August when sniffer dogs used by British investigators found DNA samples and other clues.

Although senior investigators suspect that Maddie’s parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, were involved in their daughters disappearance, a judge refused to recall them to Portugal for re-questioning as there was insufficient evidence to warrant their return to the Algarve.

Meanwhile, Maddie’s parents have reacted furiously to claims that Gerry is not Maddie’s biological father.   The claims were published in the Portugese media, quoting police sources as saying that 4 year-old Maddie has a different biological father and therefore any DNA evidence found could not be explained as coming from the twins, Sean and Amelie.

The McCann’s have previously stated that they had IVF treatment in the UK before conceiving Maddie, and again in Holland for the twins.  They remain adamant that Gerry is the biological father of all three children.

The reports also claim that this would be significant and Maddie would have a different DNA pattern to other family members.  They have also wildly claimed that UK officials found the biological father and have excluded him from the inquiry!!

The McCann’s are now considering taking legal action against those responsible for publishing these reports as soon as they are no longer considered suspects in the case.

The final DNA test results are expected to be passed to Portugese police early next week.  Sources are claiming that investigators are waiting to learn whether hair samples came from a corpse and whether there is any proof of Maddie being sedated.

There have been many rumours over the past few months, and there is still very little factual, concrete evidence.  Much of what is being reported in the media is rumor and speculation, quoting the Portugese police as the source of information.


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6 Responses to “Missing Maddie – Latest News October 12th”

  1. cotojo said

    Kim – Thanks for your comment.

    Yes it seems to be going around in circles at present, with more rumors and speculation.

    I hope to do an update tomorrow, I haven’t been able login to my dashboard since Friday 😦


  2. cotojo said

    CT – On the contrary, it is not misleading to state that there is a shift when it has taken 5 months to acknowledge that there is a pedophile problem and to arrest 80 of them in connection with the ongoing investigation.

    Also, at the time of writing this article there was no definitive proof that this is purely a ‘body’ search, and even now although they are planning on searching lakes etc, they are also covering many other aspects.

    The McCanns remain suspects along with Robert Murat.

    You have clearly stated in your posts that this is a murder investigation, and you have also acted as Judge and Jury. People need to wait and see which direction this investigation takes before making the same judgements as has happened in other cases, ie: Lindy Chamberlain.


  3. laketrees said

    goodness Colin…..
    it’s starting to sound like quite a circus is going on…..

  4. CT said

    It is actually pretty misleading to report that there has been a shift in the investigation; this is the farthest from the truth I’ve read.
    As of yesterdays meeting in Portugal Lead LE all assembled and said that the McCanns are their PRIME SUSPECTS in their investigation. There has been no shift; they are still on the same path; that Madeleine is dead; and the parents are involved. Please read the latest news and try to write what is reported by the best news agencies; bbc, abc, sky news and the daily mail.

  5. Sophiagurl said

    I couldn’t stop wishing that somehow somewhere Maddie is still alive and will be rescued some day soon=(

  6. If the police get piles of paedophiles out of the way of children, that’s a good thing already.

    Here in Connecticut a convicted serial rapist (women and girls) is getting out of jail and moving in with his sister and family in a heavily populated neighborhood full of kids. People are going nuts.

    The family circulated a letter advising neighbors that he was coming and asking for “respect and understanding.” I’d have something to say if this didn’t leave me speechless!

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