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Santa’s Community Christmas Meme

Posted by cotojo on October 2, 2007

I was invited to do this by those special people over at Santa’s.  Santa is requesting that ALL bloggers join in to collectively create a lot of excitement in the build-up to Christmas with some fun community activities where we can all participate.

Therefore, the first one is a Collectively Written Christmas Meme.

Here are the rules:

The first group of bloggers that are tagged below will add 2 lines to the first text line that is provided. In those added lines, one word will have to be hyperlinked to their own blog, and their post will have to include a link to Santa’s Community Blog. Please include line numbers, and please also include a call to all bloggers to join Santa’s Community here on MyBlogLog!

Then tag 5 more bloggers (picking existing members of the “Santa’s Community Blog” communitywould be a good start), who will add their next 2 lines, and they tag another 5 more bloggers, etc. etc.

You can turn the text after the first line into a Christmas Short Story, a Poem, a Carol, whatever you feel like doing. When the text has reached 21 lines, you are asked to submit the story. You can do that by leaving a comment to this message, with a link to your own post. We will select the best, nicest, warmest, funniest Collectively Written Christmas Stories and publish them here on Santa’s Community Blog.

Santa’s Community Blog Collective Christmas Meme
1- The day before Christmas a young little girl
2- was mesmerized by the sight of Santa’s Grotto and was patiently waiting to see him with much excitement and anticipation.
3- She had of course heard of Santa, but to actually meet him personally was to be a dream come true.
4- So, she laid her cot down beside the big glass of milk and bowl full of cookies in hopes that she would be awoke.
5- It seemed like the whole night had passed, but when she looked at the clock it was only a 9 o’clock.  She had a lot more waiting to do.
6- The young girl waited and waited so long that she fell asleep.
7- She dreamed of who she would be when she grew up and then a muse appeared to her in her dream.

(etc.) down to 21-

The first bloggers that are tagged are:
all members of the Santa Certified Award Hall of Fame
Magical golden Cat
Mike from Ordinary Folk
Tish from The Kat House
Cotojo from Life
Bob from Bobbarama
Deborah from Climate of our Future
Marzi from Mariuca
Emila from Emila’s Illustrated blog
Adrian from First Time Dad
Christy from Christy’s Coffee Break
Andrew from Hotel Booking Pro
Christine from The Sapheyerblu Review
Kim from PurpleFrogCat
Zubli from the Book Project
Janice from This is a Miracle
Sophie from WeWe_WetWet
Catherine from A Week in the Life of a Redhead
Lynda (ljw) from Lynda’s Loft
Lili from Feel Happy
Surjit from gurushabad
ArahMan from My Journey to Recovery
Bobby from Revellian
JohnC from Homeless Family’s Blog
Sandy from At Your Service
Kim from Laketrees
Jeane Michelle Culp from Nomdeplume the Poetress
Judy from SugarQueenDream
Gracie Belle theblogfairy from She Walks in Beauty
Kuanyin from Blog-Blonde
Ev Nucci from My Life is Murphy’s Law
Jo from Life with Heathens
Nick from Anything Goes
Andrea from A Circle of Women
Ann from A Nice Place in the Sun
Jackie (Shinade) from The Painted Veil
Paula from Polliwog’s Pond
Joey from Hearts a Fire
Lisa from Work at Home Mom Revolution
Brown Baron from Brown Thoughts
Maartje from Behind the Page
Jos from NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)
Tyro Pearl from Interesting Observations
Janice from Twist and Skewer
Michelle Dyer from Michelle Dyer’s Writing Circle
Eric from SpeedCatHollydale
Diane (DCA) from Much of a Muchness
Robyn (Healing Words) from The Spirit knows Best
Colin from Chronic Pain Lifestyle
Lynn from Recipes
Joy from The Insane Writer
The Blog Elf from Elf Patrol
ManningtonDeal at Blogging $100 a day and Hey! It’s Spanklin
NAFASG – United And Dedicated Behind You
Deborah at FastFastLane AdSense Tracker
Sandee from Comedy Plus
Adria at Incinq
Doing It The Tiny Bellows Way And Adding A Little Magic

Santa Recommends:
A Nice Place in the Sun, A Week In The Life of A Redhead, Blog Elf, Bobbarama, Bobbarama Humor Carnival, Bobbarama StumbleUpon, Book Project, Christmas Wish List, Christy’s Coffee Break, Climate of our Future, Emila’s Illustrated Blog, Everyday Should Be Christmas, Everwas, Feel Happy, First Time Dad, Hearts a Fire, Homeless Family’s Blog, Home with Heather, Laketrees, Laketrees1, Life with Heathens, Lynda’s Loft, Mariuca, Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery, NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection), Marketing•Review, OgenDicht/EyesClosed, My Life is Murphy’s Law, OS9User News Room, Polliwog’s Pond, Polliwog’s StumbleUpon, Purplefrogcat, Santa’s Community, Santa Elf’s Club, Santa Mail, Santa Wish Tree, The Blog Fairy, The Insane Writer, This is a Miracle, Writer’s Reviews, Twist and Skewer, Your Wisdom of Total Happiness, Zubli Zainordin.

I tag the following bloggers with this meme, if you are not yet a member of Santa’s Community, please join us and I hope that you will all participate:

Lisa from Life is just around the corner

Billy from BillionDollarBaloney

MaryAnn from Maryannaville

Jennifer from The Life of a School Bus Driver

Michelle from My Menopausal Musings

PS: Another good thing to do is to visit everyone on the list, join each Community and add them to your Technorati Favourites…….you will benefit from increased traffic 🙂


14 Responses to “Santa’s Community Christmas Meme”

  1. […] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptYou can turn the text after the first line into a Christmas Short Story, a Poem, a Carol, whatever you feel like doing. When the text has reached 21 lines, you are asked to submit the story. You can do that by leaving a comment to this … […]

  2. cotojo said

    Jennifer – Thank you so much, I will be going around and collecting the additions to build it up into a story….it should be quite interesting 🙂

    No problem with being a little late lol, I haveother memes stacked up too hahaha.

    Have a great weekend 🙂


  3. Jennifer said

    I am a little late…I actually just found this today though, so in my mind right on time. Anyways…I did the posting. I can’t wait to read all the stories you get.

  4. […] am a little slow with this one as I actually just found it.  The fun Santa over at Grottynosh put me up to it […]

  5. cotojo said

    Lisa – Yes another meme, sooo many to catch up on again, it seems that when one starts then we get flooded with them 🙂

    I have so many to catch up on again oops

    God Bless my friend


  6. cotojo said

    Billy – In your own time 🙂

    I know Halloween is creeping up pretty quick, and I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving weekend 🙂


  7. Sophiagurl said

    uh-oh another tag hehe. So now you’re Santa…hehehe. will be needing some time to do this. God bless my friend. and Happy Christmas=)


    thx Colin!

    But can’t we wait til Halloween is over!!!!!!

    I’m just getting psyched fer Canadian Thanksgiving this Weekend!!

    My Sis + her Hubby + their awesome Westie BUBS are driving up from South Dakota!!!

    Gobble Gobble!!



  9. laketrees said

    gee Colin
    I think I have my Christmas meme all wrong …I’ll have to go and fix it…
    oh BTW ..I have tagged you for another meme…. 😀

  10. […] Santas Community <b>Christmas</b> Meme […]

  11. cotojo said

    Santa – Plenty more to come 🙂

    That will be me in twubble again 🙂


  12. Oh yes. I can hardly stop laughing Ho! Ho! Ho!

  13. cotojo said

    Jos – Hey thank you 🙂

    Hope Santa likes the cartoon hahahaha


  14. Jos said

    Colin, that is straight-out terrific! Good Job! Thanks!!

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