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Posted by cotojo on September 25, 2007

Marzie, the Genie Princess has awarded me with the ‘You Make Me Smile’ Award, which is very kind and thoughtful of her and an honor and privelege to receive such a wonderful award. 

You Make Me Smile Award

Thank you so very much Marzie.

Now I know of a few people to pass this award on to so here you go you lucky people:

Lisa from Life is Just Around the Corner

Kim from Laketrees

Diane from Much of a muchness

Sandy from Writing in Faith


The Blog Elf says I Rock with this awesome award

Elf Award


Finally for now, Santa has granted my blogs The Santa Certified stamp to display…..awesome guys, and thank you so much.

Santa Certified

So now I have been clearing out and I am going to pass on the Schmooze Award to Blog Elf at his home Blog Elf and Santa at Every Day Should Be Christmas

Scmooze Award

Congratulations to those who have been given awards, you all deserve them through your participation in the blogosphere and making it a better place.

Santa & Rudolph


12 Responses to “Awards”

  1. cotojo said

    Winston – Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

    Nice of you to drop by, have a great day 🙂


  2. winston said

    YOU DESERVE IT 🙂 Congratulations.

  3. cotojo said

    Sandy – You are most welcome.

    You deserve the award as you have a great blog and as such deserves recognition 🙂


  4. Thanks for that, Colin! You made my day!

  5. cotojo said

    Santa – You are most welcome and deserving.

    After all, you spend so much of your time visiting others as well as having to make sure that everything is on track for Christmas too 🙂


  6. Ho! Ho! Ho! Colin.

    Yes, I’m very pleased and very thankful. I never know what to say when people keep giving me things but i suppose nothing beats just saying.. thankyou. You have touched me with your kindness ☺

    Santa ô¿ô

  7. cotojo said

    Kim – You are most welcome and very deserving and I think it’s pretty cool and will look terrific on your blog 🙂

    I got around the sidebar issue by creating a separate page for Awards which is just below the header. Now I need to create a redirect to that from the sidebar when Father Time grants me a few more hours hahaha.

    I’m sure Blog Elf will be pleased, even though he calls me ‘ghost’ lol, and hopefully Diane, Sandy, Lisa, and Santa will be equally pleased 🙂


  8. laketrees said

    hi Colin….thanks so much……and it’s such a pretty award too……
    so you’ll be needing another sidebar shortly just for your awards eh????
    I know the blog elf will be pleased with his award and Diane is very deserving of hers 🙂

  9. cotojo said

    Lisa – Thank you 🙂
    Yes, like my marble collection thay are growing LOL, the difference is I’m sure it is other peoples marbles that are being collected and I’m trying to imagine the ensuing pandemonium 🙂

    Glad you liked your award, you deserve it 🙂


  10. Sophiagurl said

    wow! you have tons of them now! like your marble collection. And thanks for the award…you make me smile too=) so you deserve all these. Great going my friend=)

  11. cotojo said

    Marzie – Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Yes this blog is fast overtaking my main blog and is proving to be having a reasonably good impact, but I also believe that one has to mix throughout the blogosphere which makes a big difference 🙂

    Colin 🙂

  12. Ha ha ha, a lot of awards bein exchanged I see! Congrats on all the awards, I see you’re making a big impact with your blog, keep it up! :):):)

    Genie Princess

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