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Missing Maddie – Media Misinformation September 15th

Posted by cotojo on September 14, 2007

The press worldwide is now rife with various reports of unsubstantiated statements on the McCann’s involvement in their daughter Madeleine’s disappearance.   
The editors and journalists writing these stories should stick to the few known facts and not use suppositions to create a smear campaign.  For people to read this believing it to be true because it’s in the press really is a despicable act of hatred on the media’s behalf.
There have been claims that Gerry McCann or Kate McCann deliberately gave their 4 year-old daughter an overdose of sleeping tablets, some even quoting toxicology reports that have not been made public by either the Forensic Science Service in the UK, the Policia Judiciaria, the UK Police investigators or anyone else involved in the investigation.
The McCann’s have stated that the only medication given to Madeleine was liquid Calpol, which is a liquid paracetamol in a suspension form specifically for children over the age of 2 months.  It provides fast, effective relief from pain and fever and is readily available over-the-counter throughout the UK.
There were further reports in yesterdays media that they had obtained extracts from Kate McCann’s personal diaries. 
Remarkable, as the warrant for their seizure was only issued 2 days ago, the diaries were obtained by UK police and photocopies sent to the Portugese investigators. 
It is almost certain that investigators would be scouring them line-by-line to ascertain whether there is any information contained within to assist in their investigation. 
It is therefore somewhat unlikely that the media got a good look at them and copied parts of it before the police.
There have been reports of pools of blood and body fluids apparently found in the car rented by the McCann’s, as well as ‘clumps’ of hair belonging to Madeleine.  A great deal of this is grossly over exaggerated.  Many of the samples are known to be minute.
Surely if investigators had this information from the DNA and forensic reports received last week, they would NOT have allowed the McCann’s to leave the country and would surely have held them on a holding charge.
It would appear that the press is making up a new story every day and are trying to convince the world that the McCann’s are guilty without any charges being made at present.  Obviously the media now sees itself as Judge and Jury!!
Sir Alec Jeffreys, the inventor of DNA fingerprinting is reported as saying that he will offer his services as an expert witness if necessary as DNA matches alone do not establish any form of guilt and that all of Maddie’s genetics would be found in at least one other member of the family.
So much information is based upon rumour and hearsay, hard facts are few and far between.
The Portugese Investigators refuse to make any public statements because of their strict secrecy laws which are there to protect themselves, suspects and witnesses. Information is only made public when they believe that it will not bias any Jury should charges be made.
The McCann’s vehemently deny any complicity in their daughters disappearance, and have maintained this from the very first day. They also quote recent press reports as ‘ludicrous’. 
This is fast turning into a witch hunt, and the media did not accord Robert Murat – the first official suspect – with the same treatment, yet he still remains a suspect in the case.
Investigators have revealed that they have no concrete evidence that either of the parents were involved.  Even DNA and forensic evidence found in the apartment and car only proves that she was in the apartment, and evidence in the car could have got their by secondary transfer.
Go check your own vehicles and see if you can find strands of hair from passengers, I know I certainly can, and I daresay that they might also find minute specks of my daughters blood both in my car and in my home, as, like most kids, she will do silly things and walk into furniture or have a nose bleed and so on.
It is widely believed that the McCann’s will be formally asked to return to Portugal to face further questioning by the investigating team. They apparently would like to question Kate McCann again with previously unanswered questions.
It has also been reported that British police may question the group of friends who were with the McCann family in Praia da Luz.
Further DNA tests are to be carried out by the UK based Forensic Science Services on blood found in another holiday apartment in the same complex the McCann’s stayed at. 
It has not been revealed who occupied this apartment.

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3 Responses to “Missing Maddie – Media Misinformation September 15th”

  1. cotojo said

    Kylie – Sadly Maddie has not yet been found although investigators in Portugal and other areas are carrying out further searches and enquiries.

    Thank you for your comment

  2. find her

  3. has maddie been found? the man or women who took her should be …..

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