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Maddie – Cops Want Personal Items September 13th

Posted by cotojo on September 13, 2007

It has been reported that the Policia Judiciaria in Portugal have now requested permission to seize Kate McCann’s diaries along with Gerry McCann’s laptop, along with letters and other personal items and the cuddle toy of Maddie’s that Kate carried everywhere. 

Investigators believe that the diaries may hold vital clues as to what really happened on the night that Madeleine went missing, and that the pink cuddly toy could hold vital forensic clues. The judge heading the case, Judge Miguel dos Anjos Frias, is expected to make a decision today on the request which will then be passed to officers in the UK.

Investigators believe now that Maddie is dead and have requested that the judge uses emergency powers to issue a warrant to seize the items. 

Portugese police have been liasing with Leicestershire Police in the UK who have the task of seizing the items and analysing them before handing them over to their Portugese counterparts. 

The dossier compiled by investigators was handed over to two prosecutors who swiftly handed it over to the judge for a decision on what action is to be taken next, and whether there is sufficient evidence to charge either of the McCann’s or to recall them to Portugal for further questioning. 

Money raised by the Help Find Madeleine campaign will NOT be used for any defence costs or legal bills.  A number of unnamed wealthy supporters have rallied to provide the funds for the McCann’s legal costs. 

Minute traces of blood found in the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, which is widely reported as being that of Maddie, may have come from a cut on her knee as she tripped on boarding the flight to the Algarve, of which there is evidence captured on a video phone,  or even from mosquito bites.  Sources indicate that traces of blood found were minute, and that there are plausible explanations. 

Blood, hair and fibres apparently found in the hire car could also have come from ‘secondary’ transfer from the clothing the family were wearing at the time. 

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck has delayed plans to release his new film ‘Gone Baby Gone’ about a 4 year-old girl who goes missing from her bed, following the disappearance of Maddie. 

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4 Responses to “Maddie – Cops Want Personal Items September 13th”

  1. cotojo said

    Mav – Thank you for your comment.

    Many of us hope that she will be found, but it seems that the police are no longer looking for Maddie but searching for a body instead.

    I keep updating as and when there is some new information.


  2. Mav said

    i am so sad that little maddie is mising ! i reallty hope that nothing happened to her!

  3. cotojo said

    Sandy – If only we knew what it is that drives these people to do such things, maybe then we could put a halt to it. It seems that every day there is another horror story emerging involving young children, it really is heartbreaking.

    So many parents lose their childen, and for the rest of their lives they question why. It is no wonder that the majority are now what others call over-protective, but in this day and age what choice is there?

    Thanks for dropping by Sandy, God Bless

  4. Colin,
    What causes persons to kill little girls? It seems there are so many stories about pretty little girls being treated like garbage.

    There was a news story today about a six-year-old girl in Texas whose mother found her hanged in the garage. The child had been sexually abused before she was killed. What compels a person to take out his rage or whatever it is on a helpless child? It’s diabolical.

    My heart breaks for these parents.

    Thanks for maintaining these updates. God bless.

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