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Maddie Cops Start New Body Search September 12th

Posted by cotojo on September 12, 2007

Police investigating the disappearance of missing 4 year-old Madeleine McCann have started a series of new searches in and around Praia da Luz. 

Areas they are particularly interested in the road outside the church where the parents went to pray, and a small beach at Burgau where they believe a sniffer dog picked up a scent.

It appears that the road outside of the church had been dug up prior to Maddie’s disappearance as the roads were being laid with new cobbles,  and investigators believe her body may have been hidden in one of the trenches nearby before being moved to another location.

Investigators have applied for permission to carry out their digs at sites they believe to have been used and if refused they will use sniffer dogs and thermal imaging devices.

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa has confirmed that they will be carrying out discreet searches.

It is now clear that they are searching for a body and not a missing child anymore.

Many theories have emerged since Kate and Gerry McCann were named as official suspects, but hard evidence seems to be very limited.  It seems somewhat incredible that the investigators believe that the McCann’s moved their daughters ‘body’ some weeks after her disappearance, when they were under very close scrutiny by the police and hounded by the media.

One has to question that if this were the case, how did either of the parents manage to escape the attention of the police and media, then go and move their daughters body from one place to another?

Evidence would appear to be very limited, and since they were named as official suspects, the worlds media has also turned against them.

To make matters worse, the parents have also been informed that their twins, Amelie and Sean, could be taken into care or registered as ‘at risk’ by social services.

The dossier handed over to the prosecutor, Portugals District Attorney Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e Meneses, was quickly handed over to a judge within hours and  a decision on whether to formally charge the McCann’s is expected within days.

If, as has been reported, the DNA is a 100% match, and there is as much of it as has been claimed, why weren’t the McCann’s charged and why were they allowed to leave the Algarve and return to the UK?  There are many questions still to be answered.

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2 Responses to “Maddie Cops Start New Body Search September 12th”

  1. cotojo said

    PJ Flannery – Thanks for you comment.

    With regard to the DNA, at NO point has anyone officially declared that they are a 20/20 match with Madeleine’s. It is true that other family memebers would have similar DNA characterics, and it is necessary to isolate these from whatever samples they have collected.

    Clumps of hair have supposedly found in the car have NOT been established as fact.

    The money donated was NOT started by the McCann’s, but by well wishers sending them money, therefore a fund was set up which now exceeds £1 million, but they have also stated it will NOT be used in any way towards any defence costs should ANY charges be brought against them.

    The majority of immaturity rests with the media with inaccurate reports of events, inaccurate reports of the ongoing investigation etc. and also with quotes from ‘police sources’ which are not factual reports.

    Should the investigators have enough evidence then obviously charges will be brought, but officially the Policia Judiciaria have maintained a very tight lip during their investigation quoting Portugals strict secrecy laws so as not to bias the case in any way.

    As for the events of the night on May 3rd…who really knows apart from those that were there?
    The rest of us will just have to wait and see.


  2. PJ F, San Francisco said

    1. My thoughts are NOT with the McCanns. I remain completely suspicious about their initial behaviour – trips to see the pope and visiting other countries, etc. – They haven’t acted as average distraught people would have acted upon discovering that their daughter was missing, especially if admitting that they’d left a downstairs apartment unlocked in a foreign country. – I place emphasis on the word foreign because they NOW seem to have a huge problem with the foreign manner by which the Portuguese police are conducting their investigations.

    2. Quotong: BBC’s Newsnight:
    Sir Alec Jeffreys said DNA matches alone did not establish guilt and all Madeleine’s genetic characters would be found in at least one family member.

    3. Now my question therefore is, Is DNA not to be questioned as admissible evidence to be presented in future murder, rape and/or theft cases throughout the world? The BBC’s Newsnight program hasn’t adequately addressed this question for many are on death row in the US based on DNA evidence.

    4. UK police found blood, and presumably ‘more than enough of Madeleine’s hair’ in the boot of the “hire car.” Scientific testing took place in the UK, correct? Therefore, let us now cease for once and for all to isolate and blame the Portuguese police.

    5. Regarding the donated money, common, we’ll never know exactly how the donated money will be spent? We ought to wish them well in their attempts to set up another fund raiser for their defense…hmm!

    6. Allow me to put myself in Gerry McCann’s shoes and we’re sitting at a table inside/outside the Tapas Restaurant/Bar. We are all professionals – we are reasonably good friends and definitely keeping an eye out for each other. – Upon my return after checking in with the children, why has nobody inquired if all is alright, I mean if the children [all three] are asleep and should they be asleep, Kate and I can relax somewhat now! Presumably, I’ve remembered to lock the door now too…it’s darker and getting much later in the Portuguese early May evening, no?

    7. The children were allegedly checked at approximately 9:05 pm, 9:30 pm, prior to Kate checking in at 10:00 pm, only for her to find that we’d forgotten to lock the door and Madeleine had been abducted. This account of events is really, really, really irresponsible and sounds thoroughly fishy to me!

    8. If I know that I’m completely innocent and I’ve stated that I’m 100% convinced that my wife is also innocent…why ought I to have independent DNA testing done on materials from a hire car which we reportedly hired 25 days after Madeleine’s disappearance? What in good grief is is happening to the concentration and analytical process of these two doctors? Why are they so paranoid, or am I being simply naive, why ought they to think that the system is out to get them if they’re claiming to be so innocent?
    9. The McCanns were having dinner with a group of seven friends from the UK in a tapas restaurant opposite the Algarve apartment from where the four-year-old, then three, vanished. – Among them were Dr Russell O’Brien and his wife Jane Tanner who allegedly reports having seen a man with what looked like a child in a blanket. [Why are they not saying very much NOW?] As they are supposedly our friends, I should think that [Br.O’ Brien & Co] ought to be afforded the luxury of being objective. Dr Fiona Payne and her husband David, a senior research fellow at Leicester University, and Mrs Payne’s mother Dianne Webster. -The Paynes were among those who stayed on in the Algarve to support the McCanns for several weeks after the abduction.
    They also have two children and according to one newspaper were the only ones in the group using a baby monitor the night Madeleine disappeared. A fourth couple at dinner that night, other than the McCanns themselves, were Rachael and Matthew Oldfield, another doctor. Mrs Oldfield, a recruitment consultant, and her husband, who both live in London, have a daughter aged about 22 months.
    They knew the McCanns because Mr Oldfield and Mr McCann worked together at a Leicester hospital. – Last month, the mum-of-one spoke out about “hurtful and all rather ludicrous” reports in the Portuguese press.
    “I think there are some leaks coming from the police, but a lot of what I have read recently has been completely untrue,” Mrs Oldfield told the Evening Standard.

    They are all singing in the same key so to speak; none of them have ever quarreled about the amount of wine we drank? Surely if I am an objective friend there must be something the McCanns are suggesting that I disagree with, no?

    10. Pamela Fenn, who was in an apartment above the family on May 3 – the night Madeleine disappeared – is quoted as saying she believed Mrs McCann sometimes became violent and “out of control” in the room below.

    To recap, my friend is in trouble with the police and I know that there are some things which are not correct…he’s telling lies so to speak, I need to be objective and rectify the discrepancies; otherwise, I too will be caught out eventually and could possibly be going to jail.

    Perhaps the Portuguese were being responsible and sincere when they’d asked Kate to admit to having accidentally killed Madeline…if we find out eventually that they were justified in their offer…can we fault their receiving a really harsh sentence for their habitually telling lies throughout the entire investigation process. Stating this observation is not alleging that they are absolutely guilty, but the police offered this clause and it needs to be explored.

    There’s a lot of immaturity manifesting itself with the McCanns – it ponders the question, Are doctors ever afraid to die?

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