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Maddie’s Family Return To UK Sept.9th

Posted by cotojo on September 9, 2007

 1300 Sunday

The McCann family have now arrived back in the UK.  They arrived on an EasyJet flight from Portugal and landed at Luton Airport, UK at 12.20pm.  They are expected to head to the family home and have asserted their claim that they have not given up on the search for their daughter, and have also stated that Portugese law prohibits them from making any further comment on the investigation.

Both Kate and Gerry maintain that they had no part in Maddie’s disappearance and request that the media respect the family’s privacy now that they have returned home.


0800 Sunday

The family of missing Madeleine McCann have this morning arrived at Faro Airport in Portugal to fly home to the UK.  The lease on the property they are renting in Praia da Luz in the Algarve is due to expire on Tuesday and it appears that this has not been renewed.

Kate and Gerry McCann feared that they could be charged over their daughter’s disappearance after the Portugese police officially named them as ‘arguidos’ after intense and lengthy interviews on Thurday and Friday and it should be noted that their return is with the full agreement of the Portuguese authorities and police

Both are said to be extremely angry and also in  a state of shock at the line of the investigators questioning.

It was reported a few weeks ago that they had planned to return to the UK with their twins, Sean and Amelie.  This of course didn’t happen when last Monday the Portugese Policia Judiciaria informed them that they would be interviewed separately later in the week. 

This processs started on Thursday with Kate McCann being interviewed at length.  This was resumed on Friday morning and the media was informed that she was now being officially named as  a suspect.  Later in the afternoon, it was husband Gerry’s turn to be interviewed   and on Saturday morning both parents were officially named as suspects in the ongoing investigation.

The McCann’s concern now is that they could be seen as ‘running away’ from the situation in Portugal.  The police have set no bail conditions on them and neither have been charged with any offence,

The British media turned on the Portugese investigators and the lack of progress being made in the case.  In return, the Portugese media focused attention on the McCann’s with  a series of allegations without foundation. The investigators had always maintained that they were witnesses and not suspects….until now.

Last week the Portugese police received the forensic results from the UK and it was then that they recalled the Mccann’s for further interviews.  The Portugese investigators hadd no forensic evidence to work with, and it wasn’t until British experts arrived with specialist teams and sniffer dogs that any was uncovered.  However, very little is known about these results as the investigators refuse to release any details fearing that it may prejudice any case that they may have.

The McCann’s believe that the formal naming of them as official suspects will only serve to divert attention away from the search for Madeleine and put them in the spotlight. 

It appears that the only evidence the police have is the apparent finding of traces of Maddies blood in a renatal vehicle used by the family 25 days after she went missing.

Police have made no public statements on recent events and the only confirmation that the McCann’s are now suspects comes from their legal representatives and family.

The case has drawn massive international publicity and has included an audience with the Pope, an appeal by David Beckham and a visit to Washington.

There have been many false sightings across Europe where hopes have been raised, only to be dashed again.

Portugese Law:

Formal suspect is called ‘arguido’ for a woman it is ‘arguida’

An ‘arguido has more legal rights than a witness, including the right to remain silent and to have legal representation.

Some people request to be declared ‘arguido’ to get this greater protection.

Police must declare a witness an ‘arguido’ before asking certain questions or making an arrest.

Courts may also restrict the movements of ‘arguido’s’

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