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Maddie’s Parents To Be Made Suspects

Posted by cotojo on September 7, 2007

Madeleine McCann’s mother Kate McCann is expected to be made a formal suspect today by police investigating the case of missing Maddie.

Kate McCann was questioned at the headquarters of the Policia Judiciaria – Portugal’s CID in Portimao for almost 11 hours yesterday as investigators try to find out exactly what happened on the night of 4 year-old Maddie’s disappearance.

Missing Maddie

Kate McCann is expected to return to the police station again today after investigators told her that they had more questions to ask, which would also require her to be given the status of ‘arguido’ (suspect).

The status of ‘arguido’ gives more protection including the right to remain silent and the right to legal representation.

Her husband, Gerry, is also due to be questioned separately this afternoon and it is also expected that he too will be given ‘arguido’ status.

Kate & Gerry McCann

It is common under Portugese law, for people involved in criminal investigations to declare themselves ‘arguidos’ so that they receive greater protection than witnesses.

Investigators have not revealed why they want to speak to the McCann’s again, but it appears to be linked to the latest forensic results taken from the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz by British investigators, or it may simply be because of the family’s intention to return to the UK.

Holiday Complex, Praia da Luz

There is no confirmation as to what questions have been asked but Kate McCann is said to be deeply upset at these developments, and it could also be another distraction from the attempts to find Maddie.

Until now, there has only been one suspect in the case, Robert Murat.

Robert Murat

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2 Responses to “Maddie’s Parents To Be Made Suspects”

  1. cotojo said

    Sandy – Thank you for passing by.

    At the moment the police are saying that they are NOT suspects but by giving them suspect status it gives the parents greater rights not afforded to witnesses.

    I do hope that they were not involved in this as it has been so high profile for 4 months and raised a great deal of money too. We shall have to wait and see what transpires next.


  2. Colin,
    I saw this online this a.m. It reminds me so much of the Jon Benet Ramsay case that rolled on for years. I do hope the parents are not responsible. In our strange world, I suppose anything is possible. Is it too much to hope this child is alive and thriving someplace safe? It seems a bit to horrible to think anybody would harm or kill a child for the adventure of spoofing everyone from you and me to the Pope.

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